Falcon Focus

March 7, 2016

This Week's Falcon Focus

This week's Focus has the regular important and scheduling information, but also includes many of the inspirational things that hit my in-box, Twitter posts, or are sent to me by other folks on the journey of positive and effective daily work. I have included those things this week for your review and reflection. Take what you want or need that will move you forward in the crucial journey of educating children.

I appreciate you so much!!!! Thank you!!!

Giving 100% When You Are Running on Empty by George Couros

By George on Feb 26, 2016 07:36 pm

Staring at a blank screen…wanting to write something but having nothing to share.

Feeling exhausted, tired, and running on empty.

Yet I am still writing something down…Why?

Because it is easy to do something we love when we feel inspired, but when we are running on empty, it is extremely hard to let that “love” take over. The same thing happens with teaching; you may love working with kids and sparking minds, but sometimes when that tank is running on empty, the “passion of teaching” quickly becomes a “job”, and it is hard to show up.

But great teachers not only show up when they have nothing, many of them reach down and dig in for something that you would never know they were having a rough day, were tired, or just needed a day off. Passion can often take over, but when that passion fades, is when you really have to dig deep, and so many educators do this daily.

I guess I just wanted to write that acknowledgment of those teachers that give their kiddos 100% of themselves, when they are working at a solid five percent of their energy level. Teaching is an insanely hard job when you are full of energy, let alone tired. I appreciate those educators that not only spend their days inspiring kids, but so much of their own time doing things so that they can be better for those same kids. Although teaching can seem like a thankless job, there are so many people, like myself, that appreciate what great teachers do for kids daily, even when it is extremely (especially) hard to do so.

Classroom Management Tools - Chapter 8

Be sure to read Chapter 8 in preparation for this week's book study. Thanks!

To Do's and Calendar Updates

  • March - Texas History Month

  • Week of March 7th: K-4 Progress Monitoring

  • Week of March 7th: Math CFA

  • March 8th: Club Pictures at 8:05 - we will call the students down to the auditorium. Please remind them to wear their club shirts. Thanks!

  • March 8th: Mini Snap

  • March 9th: Fire Drill 8:20

  • Week of March 21st - PLC Math Protocol - Complete on your own and post your dots on the data board. (I will post the protocol when we return from Spring Break)

  • March 24th: Progress Report Grades Due

  • March 25th: Bad Weather Day Off

  • March 29th: Writing and Grammar Benchmark and STAAR Writing - Everybody writes! This is the day to get your writing benchmark complete. Grammar needs to be complete either this day or sometime this week. Once the writing is complete, begin grading the papers using your rubrics, so that we can analyze on April 5th.

SAVE THE DATE: Keller University July 18th-21st!!!

Professional Development and Learning - Faculty Meetings, PLC's, and Kelly Leach Visits

  • March 8th: Faculty Meeting Agenda: Celebrations, PBIS Bookstudy, IStation Reports, T-TESS - Domain 4

  • March 10th, 24th and April 14th: Second round of guided reading walkthroughs and coaching sessions K-4.

  • March 22nd: Faculty Meeting - Agenda: STAAR Training

Technology to Distribute New Teacher Laptops This Spring

Technology to Distribute New Teacher Laptops This Spring

Keller ISD Technology will distribute new laptops to teachers beginning in May. To assist with the process, the KISD Digital Learning Blog will be updated weekly with tips on preparing to turn in your computer and suggestions on how you can make the most out of your new laptop.


Last Chance to Order ROCK T-Shirts - You may wear jeans every Wednesday in April and May

If you have not already ordered your ROCK T-shirt, the window to purchase one has been extended through March 31. Log on to the KISD Web Store to purchase your shirt and support KISD Reaching Out with Character and Kindness.


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Love Dr. Henry Cloud - Here are some favorites that hit my in-box this week!

"Don’t react to a reaction.....be the calmer head in the room."
- Dr Henry Cloud

"Every day that goes by is just another day that goes by.... What are you going to make happen?"
- Dr Henry Cloud

"Consistency shapes lives and business. But, like all laws, it's neutral. The good or unhelpful things you consistently do will shape you."
- Dr Henry Cloud

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