This is some info on some of the things I learned

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument was built to commemorate our first president. It stands at a towering 555 feet tall and no building in DC is to be taller than it. Once you make the top you can see for 30 miles.

The Vietnam and Korean War memorials

The Vietnam memorial is a huge wall where more than 58,000 veterans are remembered

The Koren War memorial has a huge wall and statues as well as a fountain on the end. It was built to honor Koren War veterans.

The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has nine members and deal with problems related to the constitution. The judges include Ruth Ginsburg, and John Roberts.

The Natural History museum

This museum has fossils of ancient creatures. Some of these include Megalodon, Opobania, and Dunkleosteus. The museum also had an area where you can look at fossils.

The White House

The home of the president is a huge building with over 100

rooms! The Oval Office is where the president passes and vetoes bills that went through Congress.

The dinner cruise

The dinner cruise is a fun, filled with laughter place where they play your favorite songs and most importantly eat. This event left people with good memories of great times.