By:Reid Shafer


Singapore is a beautiful country. It lies off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. I live on one of the 58 islands Singapore has to offer. Still Singapore is one of the smallest countries. We are a free-port, that's why we have lots of money because we are a free port and ships or oil boats can load or unload for free. If you like lots of electronics we have lots of businesses that manufacture them, I work in one. I own the I MAX theater which is the second biggest in the world. Singapore is also very big on food and their quality restaurants. We have this thing called a food trail its when everywhere from Singapore brings their favorite dish and share it with everyone. I do it every year. My wife and kids all make 2 of our favorite dishes they are a delicious Chili Crab and Hainanese Chicken Rice. I also love the shopping here in Singapore. In the malls you can do almost anything from take an art class to dine in at a 5 star restaurant! It seems like the buildings never stop growing that's because they don't the owners want more every year so we never stop!

Slogan- "Singapore Great food great country"

Geography and Culture

Geography- We are made out of 58 islands. Our capital takes up most of the Singapore island. All of the islands combined are about 646 sq. miles. The geographical location of Singapore is 96 km. north and 25' east



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