K-12 Professional Development

Designed for Science and Technology Teachers

Be the first to implement new and fun ideas in to your lesson plan

This Professional Development course will provide teachers of technology and science with updated and current technology for the 21st century. Teachers will walk away with an arsenal of the latest teaching methods and equipment and tools for the 21st century world of Science and Technology

Starting January 22nd

The classes will be held in the Garfield Room of the Educational Facility.

Tuesday at 5:30pm. Classes are interactive and will end at 6:30p.

Guaranteed to be insightful and fun

The Fine Print

Classes are free. However, a certificate will only be granted if the participant attends a minimum of 6 classes. This course is begins January 22nd 2014 and concludes on March 12th 2014. Materials used during the class including: lab coats, Science Kits, Ipads and Safetly Wear; will all belong to the participant at the end of the course.

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