Civil Rights Movement

Scott Pitts, per. 4

Civil Rights contributing to a more equal and just society.

The civil rights has created equal opportunities for blacks and whites through out history, ever sense the 50's the civil right movement has been creating equal opportunities and to this day it is still making the present equal. A few examples of what it has done is It has unsegregated the schools and the professional sport teams allowing blacks to compete against whites. It has let people ride the same bus and made blacks equal to whites.

Tactics of Civil Rights

Some tactics used during the civil rights movements were economic boycott, protesting, and speeches. A economic boycott is where they mess with someones business non violently causing them to loose money or customers. They would sit outside doors and not let people in or convince them not to go in they would cause people to recognize them and there situation or they couldn't make the money they needed and refused to work.

They would protest up to the white house with picket fences yelling and screaming and wanting equal opportunities they would sit on buses and not move like Rosa Parks did. Another example would be when four black college students refused to leave the counter until they were fed the same food as whites and didn't move until the counter closed, then the next day they came back and brought more people and as word spread people all over the country were doing sit ins as protesting. If a kid was arrested there was another kid to take his place right away.

Another example is speeches they would give speeches up front of thousands of people convincing them to fight for there freedom like Martin Luther King Jr. did and stand up to the higher power to give them equal opportunities. They would get arrested for speaking like Martin Luther King did but once you would get out of jail you go right back you cant give up and let them have the best of you or it wont work. It takes persistence and courage to stand up for what you believe in, especially when its against most of the world and these are just a few of the multiple tactics that were used during the civil rights movement.

Pee Wee

Pee Wee was a famous baseball player who played for the Dodgers Major League Baseball team. He worked very hard to get where he was and Jackie coming in as the first black MLB baseball player was a big shock to most but as Jackie got made fun of and threatened for playing. Pee Wee being a well known star walks up to him up front of thousands of people and puts his arm around Jackie as people boo at him Pee Wee refuses to move his arm he just stands there and looks up to the crowd as his career could just be plummeting . This makes him an unsung hero because he showed that Jackie can be accepted by the best baseball player on the dodgers at the time and know one should care what color of skin he his.

Emmett Till

Emmett Till is not a very well known person but he was a young black boy only 14 years old and he told a girl white store owner "Bye, baby". He was taken and beaten almost to death by the ladies husband and then shot in the head. These people were later arrested and put on trial but set free. People said "his death didn't matter". This got people going in the black community and people joined in to say his death did matter and ended up joining the fight of the blacks in civil rights.
"Can't Turn Me 'Round" (Civil Rights Song) performed by The Roots

"Can't Turn Me 'Round" (Civil Rights Song) performed by The Roots

This song is created to talk about the protesting of blacks saying they cant and wont let them turn them around they are to far in this to give up and they are gonna stay strong through out this time. This song inspires people to fight for what they believe in like the blacks fought for Civil Rights. This song is very strong and has video clips of people protesting in the Civil Rights Movements and they talk about things that have happened in the Civil Rights. This is a strong inspiring song.