Golden Nugget 2

Pedagogy, Research and Classrooms

SBL Teaching and Learning Enquiry Groups

This week's groups got off to a flying start, with animated discussion and a real focus on what is working well, what we do to improve it, and where we can go next. While Fran's group started with the impact of great feedback, Dom's Lesson Study pilot group brainstormed a whole range of non-subject-specific topics for a his 'long straw method', and Steve and Matt are introducing Wordpress blogging to their group next week so that they can start to record their learning journeys.

Mark's iTunes U course is live and waiting for more enrollers. See his email for the link, enrol, then wait for approval (don't worry, we're not a bank). The Forward Thinking website has also got links to some great resources that you can use for your enquiries. The blogroll at the back of the T&L Handbook has lots of examples of teachers who reflect on their practice and above all share the processes they have tried. There is so much to inspire us!

Click on the title above to find out about Spaced Learning. Could we use something like this in our longer blocked sessions with students - at all Key Stages? It is a method which has been developed by Monkseaton High School as a method of embedding information into students' long-term memory through repetition - with a difference. The link includes videos of the method in action. Could this be an area for groups to trial?

Marking and Feedback

The blogpost below gives advice on one seemingly simple task: mark books (it's also got some good links to articles on feedback and motivation). This could be part of our T&L group enquiries - could we share our marked books with our groups, and have our colleagues critique our marking?