Has beautiful rivers and lakes

Did you know that most people go visit Houston Texas more than any other place in the United States? It has skyscrapers and beautiful rivers.


58.40% are religious, 18.44% are catholic, 1.17% are LDS, 9.25% are another christian faith, 0.53% are Jewish, 0.63% are an eastern faith and 2.86% are Islam.


Houston's absolute location is 31.0ºN, 100ºW. It is also to the western part of the south central part of the United States.


People in Houston speak over 90 languages. They have the 3rd largest Hispanic and Mexican population in the United States. There is more kids in Houston than there is adults. Some of Houston's most popular places are Houston Ship Channel, The Galleria, University Of Houston and the Christopher C. Kraft Jr. Mission Control Center.


Over 7.3 million people visit Houston every year, it is very busy. People mostly travel there on highways because Houston only has 3 airports. People will also go there by water cause there is a lot of water ways.


Some bad things about Houston are that it is very flat so it floods easy there. There is not enough room for crops, so it is harder to get food. It is not good for farming because the land is made for swamps, forested lands and marshes.