Russian and the Eurasian Republics

Written By: Grace Edwards

Extreme Climates

Permafrost covered half of Russia's ground from the coldness of the weather. In Russia's summers it could get up to 100 degrees. The climates of Russia affect the vegetation there. Most people of Russia live in the Western area because, the climate was not as harsh in the Western area. Trees can not grow their roots because of the permafrost on the ground. Tundra was found in Siberia. Tundra is flat land this is found in cold, arctic weather.

Aral Sea

Methane is a threat to bodies of water and landscape. The Aral Sea is a salt-water lake in Russia. The canals were for irrigation †hat fed the lake of the Aral Sea. The Aral Sea was a big sea in the 1960 it was the fourth biggest Sea in the world and now it is much much smaller.

Pesticides is a chemical that shrank the Aral Sea. In Central Aisa their is more semiarid or arid in larger ares of Russia. This means little or no rainfall.


The power plant exploded and caught on fire in Chernobyl. It was the worst of the worst attack in history. Chernobyl is in Ukraine. In this time it was part of the Soviet Union. A radioactive cloud has caused many harm to animals, people and plants. This cloud was was about 3,280 ft high over Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. These were radioactive materials. Radioactive materials take a long time to disappear and breakdown scientists know this. But each materials have their own half life, this means it takes half of the atoms to decrease and decay.
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