Personality Poser

Waci Fullerton


I agree with the quiz i most definitely am introverted, at school i tend to keep to myself, more often then not i am using my imagination and day dreaming, i love to imagine stuff when i do not have to pay attention in school. Also i do not like being thrown into discussions i especially hate popcorn reading in school!
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I also agree to this one! I tend to be quiet and reserved. I generally prefer interacting with a few close friends rather than a wide circle of acquaintances, and i tend to expend energy in social situations.

My Few Close Friends


Now this one i do NOT agree to 100% I do tend to value objective criteria above personal preference or sentiment. When making decisions I do tend to generally give more weight for the logical side rather than the social side. But i am also feeling if anything i believe Thinking and Feeling are 50/50.

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Now this one i do agree to i do tend to plan my activities and make most of my decisions early. However, most of the time i am indecisive. I do love to have a sense of control through predictability, which to many of the perceptive types it may seem limiting.

Do I think this quiz worked?

Personally? No the issue i have with this is that I do not believe it works. Today i may have felt off tomorrow i might be happy so instead of INTJ maybe i am actually ENTJ. Also it changes all the time. Like my mum used to be a INTJ now shes an ENFJ. I believe i am my own person and do not need this label slapped onto my own personality.