Come To The Piney Woods!

Adora M | 2nd Period | 12/3/15


Things You Can Do Outdoors

~Historical Places In The Piney Woods~

American Freedom Museum

A museum that contains the history of the American military from the American Revolution to Iraq.

Museum for East Texas Culture

A museum of Eastern Texas history and culture.


~National Parks~

Big Thicket National Preserve

An area of preserved land that has activities like hiking, camping, bicycling, horseback riding, canoeing, birdwatching, and fishing.

~State Parks~

~Sight Seeing~

About The Piney Woods

"Large scale settlement came to the Pineywoods as a result of the timber boom of the mid- to late 1800s, though many hardy settlers and Native Americans called the region home before then. Sawmills and company towns dotted the landscape, taking advantage of the wealth of virgin pine timber that covered the land. The forest operations of many of these early pioneers were not sustainable and many company towns and sawmills dwindled and disappeared by the early 1900s. Today the timber industry is still the largest source of jobs and income in the region, but the lessons learned from history serve as a reminder of the importance of sustainable forest management."