Human Migration

Michaela Caruso

What is Human Migration?

Human migration is the movement by people from on place to another.The movement is normally long distance; From one country to another. An example of human migration is when someone lives lets say Florida moves to Canada or if someone moves lets say from one house to another.

Why do people migrate?

People migrate for many reasons. They migrate because maybe their jobs require them to go to different places, Or something could be happening where they live currently.Like a war happening in their country would cause people to move. Maybe, people just want a better life style because where they are currently isn't treating them right.

How do people migrate?

People could take cars, any type of transportation and just leave where ever they are for a better place to call home and for a fresh start.

My prediction

I think in the future migration will become a major problem. Many people are moving from different places all over the world to come to america due to jobs and other things to help them. But what they are doing is taking away from the born citizens of the us so that the people that migrates can get jobs. In all honesty i think that's completely wrong to do and others may disagree. Human migration is sometimes a good thing though because it helps many people but it also affects people already living in these places. At one point in time in 2011 11.3 million illegal immigrants came to the us. More and more have came since then.

What is a human mosaic?

A cultural mosaic is a group formed from people with differences that keep all of their differences which is language and culture; how people act. There are seven key parts to a human mosaic. The first key part is Social organizations. This means that it's a pattern between social groups and among individuals. The second key part of a human mosaic is the values and religion. The third key part that is in a human mosaic is art and literature. The fourth key part in this human mosaic is the government which is like citizenship and things like that. Language is also a part because people talk different languages. Customs and traditions. which is basically like holidays and other tradition things that maybe your religion does and the last key part is jobs and your future. Which is like what jobs you have or wanna have and also the peoples futures.

What happen's next?

People are starting to have the same trends of things like for example phones. Take the Iphone for example millions of people have one or everyone wants one. Cultural diversity will be lost. Think of things people have in common. They have shoes, clothes, phones anything at stores other people have. We could walk out one day and someone could be wearing the same shirt and shoes. Soon we wont have different cultures or anything we will all be one big culture and nothing to tell us apart.

Why it matters?

This matters because it keeps everyone's differences to them selves. It makes sure cultures stay the same and we have different groups. It also keeps the diversity and makes sure cultures stay different.

social group conflicts.

School. The reason i choose this is if you look around everyone's different. You walk around and someones wearing different things. This could cause issues because people wanna be better than others which causes fighting. That's a major conflict. Many people don't wanna be the odd one they wanna look like the others. if we did this and we dressed like each other there would be no conflict but that's what we need we need a little conflict to keep us different from each other.

solving the problem.

If we had no differences there would be no diversity nothing to seperate us from the others. They sometimes pick on people that are different but if we didn't everyone would be the same and there would be no differences. Which would mean we act and look like each other because we don't wanna be the odd one out.

the future us.

In the future it could go either way. We might have diversity still and have our differences or things could change and we could have no diversity with no differences and all be the same. From what i have gathered at the rate we're going at we are gonna end up trying to be the same so there are no differences and people wouldn't have to feel like the odd one out. Because a lot of people don't wanna feel like that. The people that change if they wanna do something but someone else did they won't have the chance to do that.

Bullets and ballets : Guerillas

During bullets and ballets i was part of the guerilla's. We all wanted the same thing. We wanted to get rid of the people with the most power so we all joined up with each other and took over. During while making treaties the government took over our msu's and made it so we lost everything and became the peasents. They were power hungry but in the end peasents ended up winning. This created many many conflicts between different places in the game. We wanted the Army and Wealthy to lose we wanted to power over them. We wanted to win so we made people alike so we could take over and win the game. The teams playing were different social groups that wanted the same things but in the end that caused major problems because after we took down the army we had to go against each other.