Help A Cause: The Water Project

By: Saikeerthna Sekar, Katy Garcia, and Aishwarya Kannan

Charity and Problem

Our charity that we are doing is called The Water Project. Basically what they do is they dig wells to provide clean fresh and safe water for Africa. The problem that Africa is having is their water, so we chose The Water Project because they make wells which can get more clean and safe water. If we raise money all the money would go to the foundation so they can build wells for safe water.

Lack of water

What country are we going to help??

What country are we giving money to?

  • Kenya


Location Of Where The Water Project Is Located


  • We will sell popcorn and pickles during lunch and after school everyday, ahead of time and reimburse.

  • Popcorn is about $1.00 per bag that we ask the students to buy from us. Also we will give pickles for $1.00 and sell it during school lunch and after school.

  • With our money about 50+ students will buy popcorn and pickles. The money will help us support Kenya, Africa and its unfortunate causes. It will give $125 if 50+ people may buy the popcorn and pickle.

  • We will get volunteers to sell the popcorn and pickles, and sell these after school and lunch if possible.


The cost is $7,000 for the water wells, that serves 2,000 people for a lifetime. For their extreme climate they deserve a life just like ours.

Why do we want to support this organization?

  • Water is something that is natural that helps your throat from being dry. If there is no water than than there is no chance of surviving because water helps your brain and your other body function.The body needs water to get your blood flowing. It helps with preventing heart disease.

  • The climate in Africa is very hot and most of the places have desertification so they need water to survive. With the money we collect, the water project can help the desertification in Africa. All the money we collect is going to the water wells.

  • The dirty water in africa causes a lot of diseases which makes families sick.

  • Overall we want to support the organization because if you compare our life with theirs, I would rather help them instead of just sitting around and doing nothing. If you help them it would mean a lot to them and us because their getting something that could help them in life and it wont cause that much population decrease.

  • After you help them you will be proud of your generosity.

The Water Project - What We Do

How will we advertise?

  • Make posters

  • Make a speech on announcements

  • Send emails to advisory teachers

  • Make signs

  • Put the Information on the school website

  • Go on WEST TV
  • Put on CMS West Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Thank You For Watching And We Hope You Will Help Support This Cause!