Civil War Members

By:Bharathi Caldwell

Abraham Lincoln

1. Abe Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in Kentucky. He was married to a lady named Mary todd in 1842. He had four sons named Robert,Edward,William,and Thomas. He became president November 6th ,1860.He received his nickname Honest Abe by studying law and having a wrestling match against against a town bully. He recited a speech called the Emancipation Proclamation which was a speech Lincoln written to get rid of slavery. Lincoln got back in by the politics again by the Kansas-Nebraska act. Lincoln first met his assassin at the White House. He was killed on April 4th ,1865.

2.His role in the Civil War was the Confederate leader.

3. He felt slavery was wrong and and should not continue. The civil war was an unessercy event for him is his thought. He was right. People in the civil war accepted him as a great leader.

4. An interesting fact about was that he was the first president to have a beard while he served in the office. Another interesting fact was that he supported women’s rights.

5. I would have felt a lot of pressure and work on me as him,to strive for freedom

Slave Owner

1. Whites and blacks owned slaves.The slave economy grow at a rapid pace because of cotton cultivation. The majority of slaves took place in South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee.

The majority of white slaves came from Europe. Blacks became slave owners to free their loved ones. Slavery was totally legal in the years of 1654 - 1865. slaves were enrolled in a gang system. Religious differences contributed to geographic disparity. Black slave owners could not released their loved ones if they wanted to.

2. The slave owners role in the Civil War was to be in charge of the slaves.

3. Some black slave owners felt happy about the civil war because their loved ones would be freed. But some other slave owners were not be happy because they would not have a good money income.

4. An interesting fact about the slave owners are that if a slave tried to runaway he or she would be punished very badly by the slave owner himself. Another interesting fact about slave owners are that they picked favourite slaves and gave them little more freedom.

5. If I were a slave owner I would have felt happy because I got a could supply food, money, and shelter.


1. Two things that eased the pain of slavery to slaves was that they could bring their families and could but their freedom. There are two types of slaves. Field slaves and House slaves. Child slaves were expected to produce as much as work as adults at the age of 12.The living conditions were very harsh. Slaves had to work from sunrise to sunset. During harvest, they worked an eighteen hour a day. House slaves cleaned, cooked and served meals. One of the hardest parts of being house slave was having a title as a cook. House slaves did not get Sunday off because they have to attend church. The daily ritual of the slaves included working, getting beaten, living in poor conditions, performing in poor working conditions, and even being denied the essential necessaries of life.

2. Slaves role in the Civil War were the people that the Confederate Army was trying to free.

3. The slaves felt very happy about the civil war because they are going to be free at last.

4.An interesting fact about the slaves were that they were not aloud to were slippers in the thorny fields and the beared that pain very well. Another interesting fact was that they refused to eat or drink so they would die.

5. I were a slave I rather die because of the cruelty that occurred to me.