All about me

by David

my family

My family is the best family in the world I can't even talk about them.They're always there for me when I get hurt and when I am down. My family is always there to support me at my baseball games when we win or lose. Every Saturday we go out to eat it's like a family tradition. I live with my dog Otis, my mom Isabel, my dad Steve and my sister Aleida. My uncle and aunt live with me to.They're the best family I know.

Important memory

I remember the first time I rode my bike. I was playing with my friends until my mom came outside and said let's see if you can ride your bike. So got on and started peddling and peddling and peddling until I took off like lightening I was going so fast I crashed but I got back up and started riding again.

My goals

In third grade I want to pass the Star test. With all those division and multiplication facts it's going to be tough. I also want to be a major league baseball player.My number one goal is to learn to ice skate if I don't learn how to learn to ice skate I am going to be so mad >:(! I always wanted to be a hockey player ,but I don't know how to ice skate.


I wonder if the Cowboys are going to the Super Bowl? In forth grade I wonder if the Star test is going to be hard we are going to have to learn angles long division that's going to be hard.This is what I realy want to know. If clams are good I want to try them but they look so nasty. It's like i'm scard or something.

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