Task 3

Discuss potential barriers to effective communication

Background noise:The background noise is a serious impact on the potential barriers of effective communication. There are some reasons that why background noise is a barrier to effective communication. The first one is verbal communication with the loud background noise which means people can speak loudly in order to them what to be heard. This also can cause people can feel difficult to hear and also can not to understand what is being said which makes the people not to understand what was said to them. This means it can cause serious misunderstanding or clash in the working environment because it is destructive and this is why background noise can be potential barriers to effective communication.

Distractions:The distractions is also a significant impact on the potential barriers. The distractions can take place when someone comes late to the presentation so he missed some of the points in the presentation, there is also another one which us when the mobile phone rings in a presentation and also making low of an air conditioner can interrupt the people and when the clock ticks in the room can also make disturbance to the audience. This can make the audience not to listen to you. So this is why distractions can be potential barriers to effective communication.

Physical barriers:Physical barriers are barriers is such like getting a fan or folder in front of you while trying to talk or the audience not paying attention or turning around. There are also many ways that we can succeed these barriers such as taking the extra minute at the start to make sure there is nothing in between you and your audience or asking someone politely to turn around if they are talking simple actions such as these can greatly improve how well the audience take in the information given.

Location:Location serves as an environmental barrier to effective communication in that your location can effect the ability to be a ware as well as create other physical barriers. An example of a physical barrier caused by location includes insufficient technology. for example you prepare a PowerPoint presentation for a meeting and you have to conduct If the meeting location does not have the equipment needed to show your PowerPoint presentation, you will have a major communication that prevent you to overcome.

Lack of concentration:The lack of concentration has also a major impact on the barriers to effective communication. The lack of concentration works by when you stop communication. It is also important to keep communication although any levels of distractions. The lack of concentration comes when you have a poor listening skills and also do arguing. The argument can cause the lack of concentration as well when you have a conversation with a team and also when you put high volume for the television, music and when people talking also makes lack of distraction and these are the main reasons why lack of concentration can be potential barriers to effective communication.

Time Pressures: this also another example of potential barriers that i have added and it describes the targets have to be achieved within a specified time period, the failure of time pressures has harmful consequences. In quick speed to meet the deadlines and the formal channels of communication are shortened, or messages are partially given for example, not completely transferred and as result sufficient time should be given for effective communication and this type of potential barriers to effective communications which is you need to manage when you have small time specific time.

Mechanism to reduce the impact of these barriers

Background Noise: This type of mechanism is very important by stopping people talking when you are doing work and another reason for how you can stop this mechanism is that you can put your mobile phone on silent or put it in your bag and keep it way from you as this can stop interrupting to you from doing your work as when it rings you automatically have intention to answer.

Distractions: You can stop distractions by moving away from an employee that is distracting you in your work place and then you won’t get distracted no more and you will be able to carry on with your work.

This type of mechanism is very important as if people around you are distracting from doing your work and you could ask your manager or supervisor if you can move in to a private room then it helps you to be able to continue with your work and get your work done in time.

Lack of concentration: Eye contact is very important as well as what you need eye contact is when you are going for a job and having eye contact will means that you are more attention in getting the job and as when you don’t use any eye contact the employer will think that you do not have any interest in the work.

This type of mechanism is the most important of them all since you will need eye contact in your life and also Eye contact will be needed for a job which means that you interested and very attention getting the job and if you make a presentation to your work colleagues without eye contact then they totally lose interest as a result will miss what you have said.

Cultural differences:

Cultures provide people with certain ways of thinking,acting, or ways of interpreting things which means that communication between people from different cultures can be difficult For example in some cultures have got hand-shaking is customary.

When communicating with people from different cultures, you have to make some research about the words and actions they use and how they interpret things and this is so that confusion is avoided during communication but also so that people aren’t offending others by accident.

Spelling/grammar:When it comes to written communication, spelling is very important. If a small individual piece of text went to incorrect spelling then it can be difficult for the receiver to make sense of it and it can cause failed communication. This also goes for larger pieces of text. Grammar is also an important element for communication. Bad grammar can make it difficult for people to understand what has been said or written and In written communication, using spell-check will make sure that all the spelling is correct which means that the readers can fully understand what is trying to be said and using correct grammar will mean that the receiver also understand in full way.