Macbeth deep ambitions to become king lead him to his own death, and considered a flawed hero. Macbeth was heroic in the battle field and was a noble to the king but his desire to become king was greater than being seen as a great war hero, Macbeth had certain qualities that made him easy to manipulate. Macbeth was so gullible that his wife lady Macbeth had him question his own manhood and be seen as weak. Macbeth desire to prove that he was man enough lead him to kill Duncan, this becoming his first flaw. A quality that he gained towards the end is confidence he believes the apparitions that the witches told him, will not come true but Macduff proves this wrong, killing Macbeth. In V for Vendetta the anti-hero is V he had the courage to stand for what he believes in, something that not a lot of people do. V lived in a dystopia society where the people believed everything the government said. The “monsters” that are creating this Dystopia society is the government. Society fought back by joining the fight with V.

1984 Smore 4

Winston Archetype S'more #4

'You are the last man,' said O'Brien. 'You are the guardian of the human spirit.(O’Brien) What O’Brien means by this statement is that Winston is the only person to realize that the party is wrong to rewrite the past, control the people and to restrict people from thinking in what they believe in. Winston is the person or only man in considering in destroying the party. Society is so fearful of the party that they believe in anything that the party says. This is the reason Winston is humanity; he believes that there is still a chance to restore what was once lost, being human. When O’Brien says “you are the guardian of the human spirit” he means that Winston is the guide to enlighten society and break the party.

O'Brien as a Victim S'more #5

O'Brien as a Victim S'more #5

For generations we have been taught to obey an order from a person of authority, it’s your decision to obey that order, you control what you do. So why do we choose to obey authority; fear, consequences? Mingrims experiment is an example of how we are so obedient to obey an order from “a person of authority” not even to realize what they are doing is wrong. Stanford prison experiment was an experiment on how good people turn into bad people simply because they have a taste of authority, Abu Ghraib prison; USA military tortured prisoners because they were told to do so. The Mingrim's experiment, Stanford Prison experiment and Abu Ghraib all relate to 1984, they all have to do with humanity; each one these examples had two options obey the authority or choose to be human and think for yourself.