Cost of Parenthood

Kirsten Davison , Madison Dercqu, & Cameron Martin

Baby Clothes

  • Sizes: Preemie, Newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 month
  • Everyday wear for babies should have comfort and ease to make you and your babies life easier
  • Clothing types to look for are soft, roomy, and durable. That allows the child freedom to move and play.
  • One piece outfits are also a must. You should 5 to 7 one pieces because they are appropriate for sleeping and playing.
  • More to look for in baby clothing are clothes that zip or snap down the front without pulling over there head to make you life easier.


Tip: Keep your hands on the baby at all times while changing

  • Babies use about 10-12 diapers a day
  • Make sure you have plenty of wipes at all times
  • You want to have a designated place for diaper changing
  • Change the table or pad after every use
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  • Crib and a mattress are a must, the baby needs somewhere to sleep!
  • The crib slats should be no more than 2 3/8 inches.
Tip: look for with a sturdy cribs

  • 3 to 5 fitted crib sheets
  • Waterproof crib mattress pad
  • Should have 2 or 3 wearable blankets
  • Also should have around 3 swaddling blankets

Safety & Health

  • Need a bulb syringe to clean out your babies nose (snot and mucus)
  • Soft bristled baby brush because of there soft spot
  • First-Aid kits are needed in case of emergency
  • Teething toys to make the babies teeth stronger
  • Baby nail clippers so they don't scratch themselves
Tip: Keep safety gates in a safe room and cover any outlets
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  • Pacifiers
  • Bouncy Seat
  • Play Mat/Gym
  • Toys
  • Books
Tip: On other baby toys and soothing devices, including swings,activity centers, mobiles and jumpers