Happy, Happy, Happy

spotlite review by:Mason Kaman

A Low Tech Man in a High Tech World

260 pages


Phil Robertson is a really great man. But he didn't become a great man on his own, he had to have some help on the way. He was born and raised in Louisiana in a log cabin. Most of the meals he and his family ate came from the animals they killed that day. Even though they didn't have much, they loved each other. In high school he learned that he wanted to play football, and soon enough he married his cheerleader girlfriend, Mrs. Kay. He went to Louisiana Tech on a full football scholarship and took his wife and new baby with him. However, he learned fast that he loved to hunt and fish more than play football. He graduated from Louisiana Tech with a teaching degree and got his first teaching job in an Arkansas High school. When he started teaching he started hanging out with the wrong crowd. Phil was drinking and hunting at the same time, which was dangerous. He soon resigned from teaching children to manage a bar and this only fueled his bad behavior. At the bar his drinking problem got worse and worse. Mrs. Kay, his wife, arranged a meeting with a preacher to try and get him straightened out. After prayers by his friends and family, he was led down the road that changed his life forever. He began believing in the Lord and accepted him as his Savior. Phil loved to fish so he decided to be a commercial fisherman. He didn't get paid that much so he decided he wanted to make his own duck call. Now Duck Commander is the most successful duck call industry in the world.


Like Phil, everybody goes through good times and bad times. By having good people in your life and letting God be the center of your life you can get through all problems. Sometimes you just have to ask and be willing to receive help.