CBA Writing

January 2016

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BIG Picture Goal for Today

  • Complete Data Review of CBA2
  • Curriculum Review for CBA3/Mock planning
  • Complete First Draft of CBA3
  • Plan for CBA4

Data Review of CBA2

Data Review of CBA 2

  • Concerns over questions
  • Spiraled skills
  • Notes for next year - problems with questions

Data Chart

  • highlight any TEKS that were on scope and sequence, but not assessed on CBA1
  • complete the data review sheet for CBA1

Curriculum Review for CBA3/Mock

Start with previous year's Data Review sheet

  • Read your notes from last year's CBA3/Mock

Compare your curriculum documents

  • Your current data chart has 9 wks TEKS marked from DMAC CIA Scope and Sequence
  • Compare your Year at a Glance to the skills that are marked for current 9 wks on data chart
  • Compare your Unit Details to ensure alignment

Complete First Draft of CBA3/Mock

Begin work on CBA3/Mock

  • Start with your previous year CBA3/Mock
  • Make additions, adjustments, revisions as necessary
  • Keep track of readiness, supporting, process TEKS
  • Create key

Links to Resources

**STAAR Test Maker is a resource, not a requirement!

  • Username format example is Grade3Math (not case sensitive)
  • Password for everyone is staarmaker
  • Currently, we will only use these questions for CBAs

Expectations for CBAs

General Information

Work toward these percentages:

Readiness - 70%

Supporting -30%

Dual Coded with Process Standards - about 50% +

Font Size - Stay true to STAAR Font Size chart

Grade and Content Specifics

K-2 - Reading and math

  • Refer to the Level of Assistance chart
  • Look at assessment, checklists, report cards, report card rubrics - side by side
  • Assessment may include rubrics (include specific teacher directions)

Math - Grades 3 and up

  • At least two griddables per CBA - follow STAAR format
  • Minimum of 18-20 questions

Reading - Grades 3 and up

  • Minimum of 18-20 questions
  • Use cold reads or texts that have not been used during instruction.

Writing - Gr 4

  • should include 18 multiple choice questions
  • must include one composition on CBA1, CBA2, CBA3
  • parallel grading

Writing - Gr 7

  • should include either 15 or 30 multiple choice questions
  • must include one composition on CBA1, CBA2, CBA3
  • parallel grading

English 1 and English 2

  • should include 14 reading multiple choice
  • should include 11 writing multiple choice
  • must include one composition on CBA1, CBA2, CBA3
  • parallel grading
  • must include at least one open ended on CBA2, CBA3

English 3 and 4

  • Minimum of 18-20 questions (if multiple choice)
  • may include rubric scoring to measure TEKS covered

Process for Campus Review

  • Complete CBA during assessment writing
  • Email yourself a copy of the assessment
  • Set time aside to review the CBA with your content team
  • Have team review questions for accuracy, answer choice options, appropriateness of the TEKS, etc.
  • If changes are needed:
  1. K-3 contact Carie with proposed changes from each campus
  2. Gr4-up - make changes to assessment and resubmit final copy by deadline
  • Assessment office will enter keys
  • Assessment office will organize and deliver CBAs and answer documents to campus coordinator 1-2 weeks prior to CBA dates for printing and distribution (THIS IS NOT A TIME TO REVIEW AND MAKE CHANGES)

During and After the CBAs

  • If you become aware of problems during testing, contact your campus coordinator AND the assessment office, if possible.
  • Return documents for scoring to campus coordinator.
  • You may keep the CBAs for instruction or intervention, but once you are done, return them to the campus coordinator.
  • Do not send CBAs home.
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Plan for CBA4

  • Different grade levels are at different levels in this process
  • It may not be necessary for you to return to assessment writing if you are able to work forward.
  • The Data Review will be necessary after each assessment, but can be worked into a campus planning meeting.
  • At check out, we will ask about your plans for CBA4 and if you will need to come back to assessment writing.

Other Important Tidbits for Today

- computer updates

- lunch

- end of day 3:30