Norm Abram

Master carpenter

Basic information


9/25/1950 in Woonsocket Rhode island


  • Started building custom houses with his father during school.
  • Attended the university of Massachusetts
  • No children
  • Married to Elise Hauenstein
  • Lives in Massachusetts




  • Author of eight books:
  1. Ask Norm
  2. The New Yankee Workshop
  3. Classics From The New Yankee Work Shop
  4. Mostly Shakes From The New Yankee Workshop
  5. Out Door Projects From The New Yankee Workshop
  6. Norm Abrams New House
  7. Measure Twice Cut Once
  8. The New Yankee Workshop:Kids Stuff

  • He starred on This Old House, and New Yankee Workshop on (PBS).
  • He was a guest on lots of talk shows: Oprah, Late Show with David Letterman, and The Rosie O'Donnell Show.
  • He founded his own company called General Contracting Firm Integrated Structures Inc. He opened it in 1979 and he it ran until 1989.

You should check this video out it has great basic information.

New Yankee Workshop - 102 - Work Bench


Norm changed the field of custom carpentry; he was the first person to bring construction and home furnishing to TV. People would refer to him as a master carpenter, which is not only an honor but the truth. Norm is a incredible builder and finish carpenter! He was the person made it possible for home owner to do projects around their houses. He has inspired millions of people, the lucky few that have worked with him, or that have gotten some great tips are honored and grateful. Not only has he inspired millions of people and raised the guidelines for master carpenters around the world through his shows. If not for Norm the field of custom carpentry would not be as is it today.

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