All About Jamaica BY Kailtyn and Tristan


Climate=Hot and wet

Population= 2.715 billion

Population Density=2051 square miles

Type of government= Democracy

Capital= Kingston

Area= 10,990 square miles.

GDP= 14.36 Billion

Imports And Exports!

Exports: = Hard Liquor, Aluminum Oxide, coffee,cheese, jewlery, melons, lighters and others

Imports: Oils, wheat.metals, rice and many more.

launguage= mostly jamaician , french, and English

Environment and Natural Recourses

Plants= National flowers cultis trees

Animals= There are many diverse birds such as tucans, humming birds,wood pecks and Many other.

Natural recourses= Lime stone and gypsum ( a type of cloth)

Fun Atractions

1) Bob Marley Museum

2) Doctor Cave Beach

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