Elective Pathways at Beckman

What are "Elective Pathways?"

Elective Pathways are 3-year course sequences that move students through a progression beginning with introductory level courses and ending with a capstone/specialization course.

CTE Pathways (denoted with an asterisk*)

CTE Pathways refer to courses that meet Career Technical Education criteria. Our CTE Pathways at Beckman consist of: Engineering/Robotics, Graphic Design, Photography, Film, and Sports Medicine. Students who complete three years in a specific CTE Pathway are recognized at graduation with a special cord.

Who Can Take CTE or Elective Pathway Courses?

Our CTE Pathway and Elective Pathway course sequences are open to all of our students pending schedule availability and space. For more information on how these classes will fit into a student schedule, take a look at our 4-Year Planning video on our counseling Hiaku page here.


The Engineering and Computer Science Pathway is a 3 year CTE pathway designed to introduce students to the different fields of engineering. The students begin Introduction to Engineering Design with a focus on design and the design process. Students will also begin learning how to use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to design, create, assemble, and document their own products. From there students take Principles of Engineering, in which they learn, calculate, and experience some foundation applications of Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical Engineering. Topics in Principles of Engineering include, Machines, Forces, Gear Trains, Equilibrium, Trusses, Circuits, Sensors, and Programming. The third course students take is Computer Science, either the AP CS Principles or AP CS A. In these courses students will have a more in depth understanding of programming from a more software perspective.


The Film and Media Arts Pathway at Beckman is a 3 year CTE Pathway designed to train students with the skills necessary for a career in film and video production or to go on to film school. Students begin the pathway by building a foundation in storytelling, character development, and script writing in the Dramatic Productions course. From there students move on to Digital Filmmaking where they create short films, music videos, documentaries, and commercials as they learn the technical skills behind cinematography, lighting, directing, editing, and producing their films from start to finish. In Independent Film Projects, the third course in the sequence, students continue to refine their skills using state of the art, industry standard equipment to run Beckman's weekly school broadcast and create larger scale projects to enter in competitions and film festivals across the country.

Graphic Design*

The Graphic Design classes are taught in a way to simulate an advertising or creative studio. The students participate in developing logos, ads, posters for clients from the school and community. The classes design all of the marketing promotions for our Performing Arts Department such as the theatre posters, choir and orchestra posters and advertisements. We have worked with the SoCal Film Festival to create a brand identity and add that identity to all supporting materials. The class has also collaborated with the Tustin Police Department, MongMonge, Organex, Gorgeously Gamine, Kawaii Kulture, Latin's Income Tax, Shop leah Lily, Noah's Nice Painting, Photonometry, CIT, and many more. An archive of clients and posters can be found here. The sequence of classes is as follows: Graphic Design 1, Graphic Design 2, Graphic Design 3/AP Studio Art.

Sports Medicine*

Beckman High School is one of the few high school to offer a 3-year Sports Medicine Pathway that articulates with a local college. The program begins with Human Body Systems where students examine the interactions of human body systems as they explore identity, power, movement, protection, and homeostasis in the body. Year two of the pathway is an ROP Sports Medicine class that teaches students the basic skills and fundamental procedures that will prevent injuries and increase athletic performance, including nutritional guidelines, protective sports equipment, psychological aspects of competition, and training and conditioning. The final year of the pathway is a combination of two semester long college classes: KNES 85 - Introduction to Athletic Training and KNES 215 - Fitness Professional Internship. These are IVC classes designed to give students hands on experience working with athletes while treating and preventing various injuries. The Sports Medicine Pathway is great for any students interested in the Medical field.

Visual Imagery*

The Photography courses at Beckman are part of a 3 year CTE Pathway designed to develop students abilities and necessary skills for a career in photography.The Photography and Design course provides students with an introduction to the art and appreciation of digital photography where students will learn to visually communicate their ideas and creativity. Students move from basic camera operations, to composition, lighting, elements and principles of design, as well as digital manipulation of their photography projects. In Visual Imagery students further develop their skills in photography and expand on students’ visual vocabulary in photography, and continue to explore contemporary attitudes and issues in the photographic arts. Students begin to develop their portfolio, using alternative photographic skills and learn how professional businesses and photographers operate. Students in AP Studio Art create their own website and business plan, as well as finalize a AP portfolio to take with them into college and a career pathway.

Additional Elective Sequences


The Theater Arts classes at Beckman is a 3 year plan designed to train students with the skills necessary to auditioning for a theater arts degree at the university level. Students begin the pathway by building a foundation in storytelling, character development, and script writing in the Dramatic Productions course. From there students move on to Drama Workshop where they start concentrating on dramatic skills and technique by working on shorter projects. In Advanced Theater students refine these techniques and work on plays from the standard repertoire, presenting them on our main stage as well as entering in competitions and theater festivals across the country.

Drawing and Painting

Exploration of Art is the introductory course for this elective pathway and focuses on development of technical skills in a variety of media such as graphite, gouache, watercolor, pastels, and mixed media, allowing the student to create uniquely individual works by the end of the year. In addition, students will understand artistic concerns such as the relationship between light and form, spatial systems such as linear perspective, proportions as demonstrated in portraiture, and working directly from life. Drawing and Painting follows and focuses on helping the student in utilizing the preceding skills and understanding in the creation of work that is expressive and concept-based. Work at this level initiates development of a studio art portfolio. In the third year, the student may continue in Advanced Drawing and Painting, continuing development and refinement of the art portfolio or, with teacher approval, may take AP Studio Art: Drawing and develop an art portfolio following the guidelines and merit expectations defined by the AP/College Board.

Instrumental Music

Within the instrumental program, there are currently 6 groups: Marching Band, Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and 3 Orchestras.

  • The Orchestras are made up of string players (violin, viola, cello, & bass) and perform at least 2 concerts each year in our beautiful Beckman Performing Arts Center. All freshmen are enrolled in Concert Orchestra; there is no audition for this group and no after school rehearsals., juniors, and seniors are placed in Symphonic Orchestra or Chamber Orchestra based on ability.Our Chamber Orchestra has earned Superior Ratings at every SCSBOA Festival they have performed at. Our Chamber Orchestra has already performed in Disney Hall, Segerstrom Hall, and Carnegie Hall 5 times and will be performing there again in 2019.
  • The Symphonic Band is made up of woodwinds, brass, and percussion players and perform at least 2 concerts annually as well. There is no audition for this group and no after school rehearsals. The Wind Ensemble is an advanced group; students are placed according to ability. The Wind Ensemble has distinguished itself by earning a Superior Ratings at SCSBOA District and Regional Festivals as well as performing with the IVC Wind Symphony.
  • The Marching Band is primarily for wind and percussion players however, many students that play piano, strings, or sing join the band as well; there is no audition for this group. In this 1st semester class, students receive PE credit: students that are in the marching band for 4 years fulfill their high school PE requirement. The Marching Band plays at home football games, school pep rallies, parades, community and special school events. THIS CLASS DOES NOT MEET 0 PERIOD. THERE WERE NO AFTER SCHOOL REHEARSALS THIS YEAR EXCEPT ON GAME DAYS.
  • The Jazz Band is currently open to all interested instrumentalists who want to learn the basics of jazz improvisation. This class meets 2nd semester only and performs at the Tustin Chili Cook Off, and Pancakes for the Patriots. There is no audition for this group; there are no after school rehearsals.

Vocal Arts

There are two levels of choirs available, Mixed Choir is open to all students, no audition needed, all materials are provided free of charge to all students, it meets the F requirement for the UC system and graduation. Bel Canto Advanced Treble Choir and The Madrigals are choirs that operate above and beyond the scope of the normal classroom. They are still open to all students but with an audition. They provide extra performance opportunities for motivated students and require extra rehearsals, performances and practice time away from school. They are dependent on extra funding and parental support, and the success and breadth of these choirs are tied to the amount of funding the choir boosters are able to provide. Students are encouraged to participate all four years