We Have to go Back

To Rubens Future

Subject Ruben:Data

Ruben's Work Values

Ruben is innovative and enjoys discovering new ways to solve problems. He is often the brains of projects and is okay not being in the spotlight or team leader, but is not afraid to be if he needs to. He is the brains that projects need but not what it deserves.

Ruben's Personality Color (The most American color there is)

Ruben's Color is Green. Now I don't want moan or gripe but the other colors fit the girly sterotype, but green... not green. As it ascended from the Heavens while being serenaded by a choir of Morgan Freemans he punched Stalin in the face and backflipped on to a velociraptor that was being rode by Ronald Regan. His color means intelligence and logic.

The other lesser colors

Ruben's Chilhood Heros

Ruben's Interest

Ruben is vey interested in programming and software. He wants to become a video game programmer for Valve. He also loves his boomstick you primatives.

Ruben's semiuseful skills

1. Good at crouch jumping.

2. Escaped Back Measa,Aperture Laboratories, Rapture, and Helgan

3. Defened Mann Co.,Little Odessa,Gilneas,and the Citadel

4. Played To the moon, didn't cry

5. Is an okay fencer

Ruben's Favorite Songs

Trey Romage

Rocket Jump Waltz by Trey Romage


Hyrule Castle - Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past by BMBGuitar


Right Behind You by jmcmullen5

I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.-Ron Burgundy

High School, You mean that place were people burst into song?

Highschool a pris... I mean place of Higher "Education". Ruben wants (forced) to go to BHS like his sister and older friends. He wants to take coureses that involve programming for the computer

Ruben's Soon to be Job

Ruben wants to be a video game programmer for Valve. While this highly illogical, Ruben wants this job no matter what, even if he has to boil some bunnies on the way
Portal - Still Alive typography

A Man Choses A Slave Obeys - Andrew Ryan

Step 1: Collage, Step 2: ?, Step 3: Profit

Ruben wants to go Full Sail Universty. Now I know some of you hobos want to go but heres the cost:

In State Tuition=$5,070

Charge per credit hour =$180

Out of State Tuition=$9,390

Charge per credit hour=$360

Your tuition cost per year =5,070

Books/supplies per year=+1,140

Room & board on campus per year=+5,456

Room & Board off campus per year=+10,732

Other expenses per year=+2648

Total cost per year=14314 X 4 years = 57256, so go back into your little cardboard boxes with your crushed dreams

Well I guess This The end

The Tenth Doctor Regenerates - David Tennant to Matt Smith - Doctor Who - BBC

Just kidding this is the end

Meet the Pyro

Bye bye