====By Tyler Goins====

The Beginning of Apartheid

In the 1600s the Dutch settled in South Africa. They were known as Boers, a Dutch word for farmers. Later the British came to South Africa because of the finding of diamond and gold. They later had a war and won the Boer War. In the 1930s they started a form of apartheid or apartness


Apartheid involved laws that separated racial and ethnic groups and limited the rights of black people. They forced black South Africans to live is separate areas called "homelands."People that were not European couldn't vote. For more than 400 years people protested against apartheid.
There was a Comprehensive Anti Apartheid Act in 1986. It was a policy of the US with respect to ending apartheid.

Population Regestration Act

The South Africans were split into 4 categories. These categories are Banth, Coloured, White, and Asian.

End of Apartheid

Finally in 1991, South African government ended apartheid. Africa held its first democratic election. This allowed all people to vote. The last president during apartheid was Fredrik Willem de Klerk

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was the first black president of South Africa. He led the African National Congress. He was in jail for a while and vowed he wouldn't wear short pants for long. He was voted out of jail and was elected for president.