Chinese Revolution

By: Symantha and Kaitlyn

Chinese Revolutiion

When and Where it Happened:

The Chinese Revolution happened on October,10th 1911 and didn't end until February,12th 1912. This war took place in the South of China against the Qing Dynasty.

What Caused It:

There was a group of revolutionaries in the south of China who did not agree with the Qing Dynasty who was at the time in charge. This group of people revolutionaries led a successful revolt against the Qing Dynasty. This established a Republic in it's place.This was the ending of the imperial system.

Who was Involved:

In the Chinese Revolution there were many people involved. Some being communist and some not. The main few were Mao Zedong he was the founder and leader of the Chinese Communist Party. Mao Zedong soon found a co leader who was named Zhou Enlai. Zhou was one of the most faithful leaders in the communist group.

Results and Lasting Effects:

A group of revolutionaries in southern china led to a successful revolt against the Qing

Dynasty. The Chinese revolution was one of the most important things in modern Chinese history. The revolution was caused by the soviets wanting to expand communism.