Drake Dragon Announcements

Week 3 (September 19, 2016 - September 23, 2016)

Good Afternoon Drake Family and Happy Sunday!

Please read this message in its entirety as it contains important information for the third week of school. As always, if you have any questions or corrections, please contact me or Mrs. Adkins.


  • Kudos to all of our Staff Members who attended (and who wanted to attend) our Open House. We had 70 Parents in attendance and nearly 100 Students Represented. Thanks to all!
  • Kudos to our newest Donors Choose Grant Recipients: Ms. Head and Ms. Logli!
  • Kudos to all the staff. We received a compliment from Ms. Amy Kotz, our Network 9 Instructional Support Lead (ISL). She was very pleased with the improvements in our Culture and Climate and conversations with students in the hallway! Keep up the Great Work!
  • Kudos to Ms. Miller and Mrs. Clark for enhancing our Staff Lounge and thanks to Mr. Cherry (Mrs. Cherry’s husband) for picking up our new to us refrigerator.
  • Kudos to Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Stowers for organizing the Parent Room and signing up new parent volunteers.
  • Kudos to all Homeroom Teachers for submitting your attendance before 10:00 AM on Thursday and Friday. Let’s meet our goal of 9:30 AM during Week 3.
  • Kudos to Mr. Brunson for donating 15 Book Bags to the Drake Dragons!
  • Kudos to Mrs. Adkins on celebrating her 40th Birthday!

Care and Concern

Please keep the following staff members in your thoughts and prayers:

Mrs. Burks and her mom

Mrs. Clark and her daughter

Ms. Gipson (We hope you’re feeling better)

Ms. Pandy and her mom

Mrs. Stowers and her family as her sister made her transition on Friday morning

Let’s continue to support our Drake Family Members during this time.

Attendance Procedures

All Homeroom Teachers MUST submit attendance daily by 9:30 AM. It is your professional responsibility to complete this task accurately and daily.

Staff Attendance

  • All Staff must ensure that you report to work on time. All Teachers begin at 9:00 AM. All Support Staff, please refer to your individual schedules for your start times. If you are running late, please SPEAK WITH me, Mrs. Adkins or the main office prior to your arrival time.
  • In October, we will begin acknowledging staff members who have perfect attendance. (No absences, No tardies, and No early departures.)

Unit Plan / Classroom Management Plan / 5 Day Sub Plan Submission Dates

  • We are approaching our 100% Submission Goal. All Unit Plans, Classroom Management Plans and 5 Day Sub Plans are now PAST DUE. If you have not already done so, please submit your plan(s) TODAY.
  • When developing Unit/Lesson Plans, please remember to follow the Scope and Sequence provided by Network 9 and to integrate our School-Wide Quarterly Themes: Q1: Citizenship & Identity / Q2: Culture / Q3: Courageous Choices / Q4: Community

Gradebook/Scheduling Woes

  • Ms. Walker has been working diligently to update SIM and Gradebook to accurately reflect your teaching rosters. Updates were made over the weekend.
  • PLEASE REVIEW ALL ROSTERS TOMORROW FOR ERRORS! SUBMIT AN EMAIL TO: cwalker23@cps.edu, sjstewart@cps.edu and wsabner@cps.edu AND speak with Ms. Walker tomorrow to address any corrections that are needed.

Book/Planner/Folder/Packet Distribution

If you have not received your textbooks for ELA and/or Math, Student Planners, Blue Drake Folders, or Medical/Vision/Dental/Emergency/Media Consent Forms please email me tomorrow indicating your missing items.

Allergy and Asthma Plan

  • We still DO NOT have a nurse assigned to Drake. I just received an update that a Temporary Nurse will visit us one day this week. During this meeting, we will review our Drake Allergy and Asthma plan and then will distribute the plan to everyone this week.
  • Please continue to send emails regarding your concerns with students in your classrooms. We are compiling a list and these will be agenda items for our meeting with the Nurse.

Technology Distribution

Thank you for completing the Technology Request Google Survey. Mr. Hickson will distribute Technology based on the Google Sheet (see the link below). If you have any questions, please see me tomorrow.

Upcoming Events (Please refer to your September Calendar and Email Updates)

9/20/16 - CIWP Team Meeting (Respond to the separate CIWP Email that you will receive tonight so that we can determine a meeting time.)

9/21/16 - Morning Meeting (Topic: NWEA Assessment Schedule and Procedures)

9/22/16 - Grade Level Meetings (Topics: Gradebook, Unit Plans, MTSS – Tiered Instruction, Detention, PARCC PD Modules)

9/23/16 – Health Center Event / Soccer Practice @ 4:05 PM

9/24/16 – Soccer Game @ Dunbar Park @ 12 PM

9/26/16 – BOY NWEA for 3rd – 8th Graders / PAC Meeting @ 4 PM / Afterschool Detention Begins / ASAS’ Informational Session

9/27/16 - Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) Meeting

9/30/16 - History Makers Assembly

10/3/16 – REACH Teacher Observations Begin

10/4/16 – Drake’s High School Fair @ 9:30 AM

10/28/16 – REACH PT Deadline

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We look forward to seeing you tomorrow for another successful week!

One School...One Family...One Community Committed to Learning



Ms. Sydney J. Golliday and Mrs. Willona Abner Adkins

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