Turrill Elementary School

July 2016

Mission Statement

  • Lapeer Community Schools is a dynamic community organization embracing our students with a quality learning environment, developing independent and confident learners for the future.

Vision Statement

Excellence in all we do for our students, our schools and our community through

  • Continuous improvement;
  • Diligent effort; and
  • Innovative design

First Day of School Meet and Greet

Monday, Aug. 1st, 5:30-6:30pm

785 South Elm Street

Lapeer, MI

  • Say "hello" to the staff
  • See where your students spend their day
  • Wrap up the first day of school

The office opens Wednesday, July 27

8:15 am -- Office opens

8:40 am -- Students may enter the building; breakfast served in the classrooms or outside of the classrooms

3:30 pm -- Dismissal

4:15 pm -- Office closes

Pick up and Drop off Reminder:

Dear Parent or Guardian,

If you use this drop-off/pick up area, please use the below information to assist staff with making this area more effective for parents and safe for students.

Please pull as far forward as possible during both drop-off and pick-up times: A red line is painted on the sidewalk for students’ safety so students can exit their cars and walk behind the painted red line until they get to the door they enter. Regardless where students enter into the building, they can exit their car at any point and walk behind the red line to enter the building. Staff will encourage students to stay behind the red line but it’s always helpful to remind students of this before they exit your vehicle. I know that this is difficult if your son or daughter enters at the main entrance or second grade doors, but students can walk behind the red line to their door. If you have students at both doors, please pull as far forward as possible and drop off all children at one time. During pick-up time please follow the guidelines of pulling as far forward as possible and we will have your son or daughter walk behind the red line until your car has stopped. Please encourage your child to point out your vehicle as you approach.

Early 5’s, kindergarten, and first grade will enter the building at 8:30: By having these grades enter the building using the doors located by the gym, students can line up and be ready to start their day. All other grades enter the building using the front doors or the doors by the second grade classrooms at 8:35.

Please use the designated parking spots if you want to exit your vehicle during both pick-up and drop-off times: I realize that we have limited parking but unless your son or daughter needs assistance with getting into your vehicle, please don’t exit your vehicle during pick-up and drop-off times.

Please only use the lane closest to the curb for drop-off and pick-up: If we all work together with the drop-off and pick-up area, families will be able to move through the area more safely and effectively. I realize that when there is a long line it can be tough to wait but having students walk between cars not only causes a dangerous situation, it impedes on the traffic waiting to exit the parking lot.

If you park your car, please get out of your vehicle and walk your child to the curb: It’s very unsafe to allow your son or daughter to exit a vehicle and walk through the parking lot alone. We have a large number of families who use our drop-off and pick-up lane each day so please if you choose to park, walk your child to the red line.
Please move through the parking lot at a slow rate of speed, especially during drop-off and pick-up times: I realize that at the end of the day we are all very busy and would like to get out of the parking lot but when cars move too fast, it causes a very dangerous situation.

Thank you again for all your support to make our drop-off and pick-up routines run smooth and safe and efficient for our students, families, and staff.


Growth Mindset for students - Episode 2/5
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Dear Members,

I am writing as a mother and involved community member to invite you to be a part of an exciting opportunity happening here in Lapeer. This is a chance to enhance active play on school playgrounds, get more children involved in active play and engaged with other children and to leave your legacy on the playgrounds of Lapeer schools at an incredibly low “cost”.

The game we are bringing to Lapeer school playgrounds is called GaGa ball. It’s not new - it’s been played for decades in other countries. It is, however, relatively new to the US and is taking off like wildfire. Oxford school district and even Chatfield school and St. Paul Schools here in Lapeer have these game pits.

The game involves a relatively low cost “pit” - (and that’s where you can help). The game is played in an octagonal pit where as few as two and as many as 30 children and adults or any combination can play. Inside the pit - it’s a fast action game of “tagging” people below the knee with a foam ball to get them out. GaGa Ball combines the skills of dodging, striking, running, and jumping, while trying to hit opponents with a foam ball below the knees. This gets the children physically active. The games only take a few minutes and then the pit is filled with the children again. The unique benefit of this game over most other playground games is how inclusive it is. Kids of any size, age or athletic ability can play and have the same chance at winning as anyone else.

This is where you come in... We want to have at least one GaGa Ball Pit installed in each grade school in the Lapeer School District - perhaps throughout in the county. There are five grade schools in Lapeer School District. The cost per pit is under $600.00. If you choose to sponsor a pit, we will add a plaque to that pit to honor your club or any member in your club. If you choose to sponsor the project at a donation of less than $600 we would simply add your money to the project and keep you up to date on the project completion and credit you in the news articles and press releases.

Donations should be made payable to “Lapeer Community Schools” and please note the elementary school you would like the money to be applied to (i.e. Turrill, Mayfield, Schickler, Murphy or Lynch Elementary). If your organization would like to help fund the installation of a pit at more than one school, that’s amazing and we welcome your help.

Please contact Kara Lambourn with any questions and to let us know if you can help out with this fun cause to benefit all the children of Lapeer. 810-441-7302 or kara@villageprintinginc.com


Kara Lambourn

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Insurance Questions?

Did you know....

The Health Plan Marketplace can be a daunting adventure for anyone who is looking to get health coverage. It is especially confusing now as Michigan has re-bid all of its Medicaid health plan providers statewide. This means that all families with children covered by Medicaid Health Plans will need to re-apply for their health coverage in the next few months!

Things to consider:

1. Is your current doctor part of the new plan

2. Is the hospital the one you want

Click the link below for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Resources

2016-2017 Class Supply List

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