Respect Different Culture

How to Respect Other Cultures??

Sometimes, when wrapped up in the midst of our own beliefs, we can find it challenging to accept others ways of life and rituals. However, close mindedness and intolerance are not the way to go, especially when there is so much we can learn about other cultures. Learning to accept and respect other cultures is an important step that opens your mind to the world around you and everyone's unique differences.

How we can accept differences in our school?

Make sure to talk to your child about acceptance of differences. Issues such as racism, sexism, homophobia etc are not just 'adult problems' as children can be affected by them too. Be sure to talk to your child, in an age appropriate way, that there negative beliefs about certain groups of people in their community and that these beliefs are wrong. Make it clear to your child that everyone is important and deserves compassion and respect regardless of gender, race, religion, dis/ability etc.

Respect differences

Be respectful to people who are different from you, even if you don't understand them very well. The differences among us are what make life interesting, and besides, you probably have more in common with people than you know. Even when you really don't see where someone else is coming from, be courteous and civil. You don't have to love everyone you meet, and you certainly don't have to agree with them, but you can still show them respect.
Be respectful of people's cultural differences.
Be respectful of people with different religious beliefs.
Be respectful of people with different politics from you.
Be respectful of people on the team that rivals yours (and fans of the other team).

Relationships are powerful. Our one-to-one connections with each other are the foundation for change. And building relationships with people from different cultures, often many different cultures, is key in building diverse communities that are powerful enough to achieve significant goals.

Sara Hussain Al Qubaisi
Iman Bandar ALZabi
Mouza Sanad Al Qubaisi
Noura Yousif ALMahri
Khulood Ail ALBlooshi
11/4 CMP