Credit for High School Kids

By: Jovani Blas


Section 1
● What is credit?
  • A Credit is a privilege that you earned.
● What are the forms of credit?
  • The forms of credit are personal loans and credit cards, but you must watch out for the interest rate which which can lower your credit score which is control by the credit bureau and can be found in your credit report.
● What costs are associated with credit?
  • If you are late for a pay you will need to the lender with interest.
● What determines if someone gets credit and how much they get?
  • What depends if you get credit is your creditworthiness.

Section 3
● What is a credit card?
  • A portable money that you can use that you must pay, but it has a credit limit. If you pass the limit you get penalty fees which are call over-the-limit-fee. And you must pay annual fees for using a credit card.
● Where can you use credit cards?
  • You can use a credit card most anywhere, but if you are late with a pay your will get an interest rate on the product that you bought.
● What are the benefits and costs of using credit cards?
  • That its easy and fast to use to buy goods. No more carrying around money.

Section 4
In this section, you should discuss ways to stay safe while using credit cards (i.e.
tips you would give someone when using credit cards).
  • Be smart and responsible. See you credit report yearly. Keep your info to yourself. Sign your card. Don’t share info with others. Don’t max out.