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The radio is also a medium, young characterized by audiences between 15 and 35 years, and also younger (12-15), however difficult to reach, for tastes and favourite tamil fm radio lifestyles, by means television Urn further advantage is that the radio (as shown in Figure 3) provides, in the main European markets, CPM (cost per thousand, cost per thousand contacts) of value very competitive, which favourite tamil fm radio arise between the 20- 50% of that of television. For those who need to advertise on the radio it allows finally to shorten the time to communicate with the market: the timing and airing of a news radio are typically much shorter than those of a television commercial. Radio is but tamil online fm radio half still too regulated, as many analysts underline.

Studies show that in countries where advertising investments on radio are subject to fewer see the experience USA- radio controls a share of favourite tamil fm radio the advertising market much higher than that of many European markets. Although the US market is not comparable to European history and characteristics, this wide gap could be reduced. The fragmented ownership of the European radio market may not facilitate the planning activities.

It 'just the size of the radio operators to constitute another important limit to the sector. In order to compete with other means and be able to grow as businesses radios must undergo one of the principles of the media business, characterized by high fixed costs: must be able to exploit economies of scale, reaching rapidly a critical mass tamil online fm radio and expand its base of clients to increase and improve its profitability. European radio companies are therefore trying to reach a significant size and a more efficient organization in order to develop their capacity to create value.

The radio, as well as being an important component in the communication sector and the media, is also an tamil online fm radio important part of the entertainment industry and information. This other point of view on the industry radio should not be forgotten: the radio is also a key component within macro-business such as musical entertainment and information. We must not therefore be surprised if, for reasons of efficiency, we find more and more integrated into multi-channel businesses.

At the same time, radio is more and more part of marketing strategies content Ill media market actually lives a general evolution towards multi-platform strategies. In cases of highly successful format, marketing management took place through multiple means and channels: one thinks of reality shows like Big Brother, this on TV but also on satellite TV channels tamil online fm radio with a clear theme, with the transmission in Internet streaming, radio with spaces dedicated to it (think of the exclusive audio granted by AranEndemicl to Radio 105), the use of WAP and house organ dedicated to the program; but a good example is also the concerts of rock and pop music, listened through the radio, seen on MTV, delivered through the Internet and replicated with mobile services (WAP) and surrounded by a merchandising and mobile initiatives (package) of various kinds.
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