And the Eyes Have It!

The wait is over...

Our Long-awaited, Perfect Finishing Touch for Wide-awake, gorgeous Eyes is Finally Here!

Today marks our biggest product launch known to date! It is something the Beautycounter team has worked tirelessly on for years with the goal in mind of not sacrificing efficacy for safety. We deserve to feel beautiful without putting our health on the back burner.

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Conditions lashes while you wear it. Our proprietary formula hydrates with ingredients such as:

*organic pomegranate oil

*organic cocoa butter

*organic shea butter

*organic acai oil to condition lashes


Our product development team worked for more than three years to invent a formula that met our high standards for safety and performance.


Every ingredient is screened for safety using the best available data. We are looking for information on specific hazards, like cancer, developmental toxicity, and hormone disruption and infertility. Our screening process is truly industry leading.


The custom-designed wand features a long, precision handle that perfectly separates lashes, while a gentle curve in the wand captures hard-to-reach lashes and opens up the eye. Our lengthening brush and formula work together to define and build lashes to be impossibly beautiful.


We choose the best available ingredient options that meet our high performance and screening standards. Over 80% of the ingredients in our products are organic, natural, or plant-derived. The other are synthetic -- we are not marketing ourselves as a "natural" -- but that does not mean that they are unsafe.

Preface with our Signature Smokey Eye...

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Now that I have your full attention....

As we kick off May with this exciting milestone we are also headed to Washington DC to continue working for change on a national level. Consultants from each state will meet with Congress to advocate for stricter and more health-protective laws in the beauty industry. How's that for beauty on a mission?!!
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Contact me, I'm here to help!

Nisha Adams

Beautycounter Educator/Senior Manager