Zom-B Book Report

Nolin Dale

Authors Theme-

One of the biggest themes in "Zomb-B" is good versus evil, because there are many times where a turn of events can lead to one character dying and another surviving, or triumph of one over another. Some characters may use others as sacrifices which comes down to survival of the fittest.


The conflict in this story is "Man vs. man" because the protagonist B, is abused by her father and often gets in fights with her friends, but the man conflict is the zombie pandemic that is sweeping London. Everyone through out the city is having to fight to to survive their friends and family who are now zombies.


  • B Smith- She has very short almost shaved hair, tall and lean build, and is often rude and doesn't have a lot of compassion for others.
  • Tyler- Smaller more fragile character, is kind to everyone but is bullied by B.
  • Copper- Has bright orange hair and freckles, hence the name "Copper", is caring for those close to him but is still defensive.
  • Owl Man- Tall lanky build with huge eyes and a protruding stomach, has a very creepy ominous personality.


The story takes place in modern day London, mostly in B's home, school, and the park where she hangs out with her friends. These places are just ordinary locations she is at everyday, but everything changes when the virus spreads.


B Smith's is living a rough life in London with having an abusive father who rubs off on her and causes her to be violent at school, mean while she just wants to stand up for her mother who is often the victim of her fathers outburst. On the news the news they see reports of a "Zombie" outbreak causing people to turn into monsters and try to eat the living but her father along with many others dismiss it as a publicity stunt for a new movie or just terrorist trying to make a statement. Life goes on as usual for a week or so, but one day B is in school and zombies like the ones on the news burst into the gym and her whole life is flipped upside down. She is reunited with her dad who she is now happy to see, but she is constantly on the run from zombies, looking for those close to her she as lost.