Endeavor Shuttle Missions

By: Josh Bartolacci

From first launch to its last landing

The first launch was on April 12, 1981. The final mission was July 21, 2011. Each time they set higher and better standards, records.


the endeavor has traveled more than 123 million miles. It has reached higher speeds then 17 thousand mph, and weighs 170 thousand pounds. And has a huge wingspan of 78 feet.

The name of the space craft

1 reason they named it the endeavor to honer apolo 15. The name was also confusing because it was in British American instead of English American.

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Endeavor took Astronauts to and from earths orbit over 130 times. The Endeavor had 130 missions just to orbit the Earth.


The endeavor was the fifth orbiter space craft and the only reason the Endeavor was built because it was meant to be a replacement for the challenger November 1st, 1987. NASA's new orbiter was first put into action 1992 and it was a repair mission.


the endeavor crew and servers have been rewarded over 50 fellowship rewards each mission for outstanding research and bravery for where they go and what they do.
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