What's Happening in PBS?

Week of 3/23-3/27


Welcome to the last week before spring break!

This week we will be doing some really awesome labs! We have talked about the concepts of gel electrophoresis in class, but now its time to actually do them!

Starting out on Monday we will be covering the concepts of pipetting and gels to recap. Tuesday I will be gone for HOSA state competition so the kids will be doing a career journal and they will update their ePortfolio. When I get back on Wednesday we will be running a practice gel with food coloring and then doing the actual gel to diagnose hypercholesterolemia on Thursday. We will finish out on Friday by looking at the results and filling out Anna's Medical History Document.

As for HOSA this week

  • Tuesday - HOSA State Competition, wish our competitors luck!
  • Thursday - Flower pot making for St. Marys Residents
  • Friday - T-Shirt Day and taking a group picture during collaboration

HOSA Over Spring Break

  • Wednesday - Interactive Autopsy
  • Thursday - St. Mary's Volunteer Night

Remember to always check out the google doc with the most updated information on what's going on with HOSA. http://bit.ly/1BjpKa7

Enjoy your spring break!

Mrs. Weiss