Detective & Criminal Investigation

By: Farhiya Mahamed

Why I Was Inspired To Be A Detective

It all started since I was a kid, I always watched Law & Order Special Victims Unit and I still do till this day. My favorite character was Detective Olivia because she investigates crimes, interview suspects and/or witnesses and that's something I want to do in the future.

What Do They Do

*Investigate Crimes

*Collect and Secure Evidence from Crime Scenes

*Conduct Interviews with Suspects and Witnesses

*Observe the Activities of Suspects

*Obtain Warrants and Arrest Suspects

*Write Detailed Reports and Fill out Forms

*Prepare Cases and Testify in Court

*Most Carry Law Enforcement Tools such as Radios, Handcuffs, and Guns

Money & Education

$56,980 per year

$27.40 per hour

Lowest 10% - $33,060

Highest 10% - $93,450

Courses you could take:

Criminal Justice

Human Relations

Law Enforcement

Judicial Function


Forensic Science


Kaplan University (Florida)

Herzing University (Ohio)

University of Phoenix (Arizona)

Need a High School Diploma

At least 2 years or more of patrol officer. If you want to become a detective, become the best police officer you can be.