Commercial Banks/Credit Unions

Benifits To Heliping U Choose

Commercial Banks

Commercial Banks are for‐profit depository businesses that offer financial services to both consumers and other businesses. Banks are usually the largest depository institutions and offer the widest variety of services to customers. Benifits that come with them are:

  • Federal Deposit Insurance CorporaƟon (FDIC)
    • The FDIC is a federal government agency that insures Commercial Banks
    • transactions and savings tool
    • credit
    • financial device
    • safe-deposit box.

    Credit Unions

    depository institutions that offer many banking services. But, unlike banks, they are owned by their customers, who are usually called members. A credit union has membership qualificaons that require its members share a common bond such as the same employer, the geographic area in which they live or membership in an organizaon. benifits are:

    • The NCUA provides insurance protecƟon for credit unions.
    • financial advice
    • credit
    • safety-deposit box
    • interest