Halo tha Fall of Reach

by:james trifiletti

ledgends are not simply born they are willed into existence

this book is about a young boy that turns into a trained killing machine. he has to go through trials that tests his leadership. later Dr. Halsey tells john about the mjolnir prodject. he has to use teamwork to become the best. later he dicovers about the covenant. an alien race hell bent on destroying the unsc. the UNSC is a human military defending the human planets. the covenant will not stop to destroy the unsc at any cost. any cost.


the setting is several little areas and a few major areas Reach, nexus 3, and the covenant fleet.

Main Characters


The unsc is being threatened. Threatened by rebels and the covenant. the rebels were quickly dealt with. the covenant were not. at the end Reach was destroyed by the covenant and they escaped he unsc controlled space and still roam the planet.

about the author

eric nylund helped make the halo game series. he was in art and was he voice of Captain Keyes.

my favorite quotes

"what is this thing cortana"

"they call it the halo ring"

(and halo series begins)