DreamBox Learning

Tips and Tricks

DreamBox Learning® offers a deeply personalized K-8 math environment that combines rigorous curriculum for deep conceptual understanding, a highly-engaging environment, and our industry-leading Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ technology. The amazing combination of high-quality curriculum with intelligent technology delivers a pedagogy and learning environment like none-other. Dynamically adapting in real time, within and between lessons, millions of personalized learning paths tailored to each student’s unique needs are created. The DreamBox student driven learning environment differentiates content, pace, and sequence for the highest levels of student achievement so every student can learn to think critically, understand deeply and have a life-long love for and confidence in math.

Classroom Set-up and Management

Here are step by step directions for getting your students learning with DreamBox.


Classroom Set-up and Management Videos

Here are step by step videos for getting your students learning with DreamBox.


Teacher Tools for Presentation

This link takes you to the Teacher Tools which are organized by grade level.


CCSS Alignment

This link shows you how DreamBox aligns to the CCSS in mathematics. Below the video is a link for a PDF showing which standards are addressed in the program by grade level.



Follow this link to a description of the reports available in DreamBox.


Tips for Teachers

  • First session only: Students may be prompted to select their password. Additionally, students using the Primary learning environment will choose a DreamBox game character, theme, and story within the program to build engagement and ownership. This means your students’ first session using the Primary learning environment will not include as much math as later DreamBox sessions.

  • Hundreds of in-depth lessons are available in DreamBox's two learning environments.

    • Students working in the Primary learning environment should spend most of their time in the Adventure Park.
    • Students working in the Intermediate learning environment should spend most of their time in the My Lessons area.

  • Be sure to limit access to the Arcade during school hours. This can be found under the My Account tab on the Teacher Dashboard.

  • You want to make sure students have time to spend what they earn, but having it available only one day a week and on the weekends is good way to limit their time there.