Valverda Elementary

Back to School Update - July 27, 2020

Welcome Back!

As we prepare for the 2020-2021 school year, we know that this year will be different than any school year we have ever experienced before. Our goal is still the same. We are ready to provide each student, both face-to-face or virtually, with a diverse education in a safe, healthy, and supportive environment. Our faculty and staff are ready to take on the new school year with great confidence and be there for our students in every way possible.

The information in this newsletter will provide you with information and our plan for returning to school on August 11. We ask that you keep in mind that the information we are receiving is ever-changing due to daily COVID-19 updates that are being released by the State. The safety of our students, faculty, and staff are our highest priority and we are ensuring the guidelines required will be met to the needs of our school and students. Please understand that plans can change based on the phase in which the State of Louisiana is in when school begins on August 11. Within this newsletter is the link for the Louisiana Department of Education's Strong Start Plan and the PCPSB School Reopening Plan and Letter from Superintendent Canezaro.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions!

Thank you for being patient with us during this time. My team and I are looking forward to a GREAT school year beginning on August 11!

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Tara Glaser


Sara Taylor

Assistant Principal

Healthy Environment/COVID-19 Guidelines

Effective August 11, 2020, we will be taking extra precautions toward COVID-19 at Valverda. We are taking the following steps below to support the health and safety of all students, faculty, and staff. Please take note of the following policies and procedures below:

  • We will separate students into groups of 25 or fewer including the teacher.
  • Students in Grades 3rd-6th will be required to wear a mask throughout the school day.
  • Students will not share toys, etc. and will be sanitized between each use.
  • All classrooms will remain separated to reduce the number of children in one area and to reduce the possibility of viral transmission.
  • Staff will disinfect highly touched surfaces, such as door handles, restrooms, toys, games, etc. that are used within an hourly basis.
  • Staff will wash their hands and children's hands a minimum of every two hours.
  • Staff will receive education on COVID-19 Symptoms, as well as preventive measures.
  • Students who start with symptoms of respiratory illness, including fever of >100.4 while at school, cough or runny nose, will be isolated from other students until they can be picked up.

If the current situation changes and it becomes necessary to update our procedures or close our program temporarily, we will notify you as soon as possible. Thank you for being understanding and patient with us as we implement these new procedures. Our goal is to minimize disruption, while at the same time keeping our students, faculty, and staff as safe as possible!

August 11 - Phase 2 Start (On-Campus and Virtual)

The PCPSB sent out a survey to see which students would return to campus in August and which would participate in our online virtual school. All students must select a pathway for the fall semester (August- December). Thank you to all who have filled out your request.

Any student who does not have the survey completed will be placed in our " on campus" pathway. The pathway you choose is the one you will follow until January.

On Campus Instructional Pathway/Daily Procedures:

In order to be in compliance with the CDC, the following precautions/procedures will take place at school:

  • Students will have their temperature taken when arriving at school by bus or by car. Staff will complete a Covid Screening for each child. The parent CANNOT depart campus until the student is clear of the screening. They will also have another temperature check during the school day.
  • Parents/Guardians will not be allowed to escort students to class. All students must go through the carpool line in the morning for temperature checks/Covid Screening to occur.
  • Students who are TARDY must call the school for an employee to meet them in the front of school for their temperature to be checked and Covid Screening before parent can depart campus.
  • In order for students to check-out, parents must adhere to the Check-Out Procedure. Please contact school when you have arrived to check-out your child. They will be brought out to your vehicle in the front of school. ID's will be checked and sign-out form will be brought to you. This is to minimize traffic/exposure/temperature checks on campus. Students may not check-out after 2:15pm. Due to buses entering campus.
  • Students will remain in the same "static group" throughout the school day and will not rotate or mix with other groups. Teachers will come to their class for instruction for all content areas -ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies. The only expection for movement is PE/Recess where they will have a defined space for class.
  • 3rd - 6th grade students will be required to wear a mask. Masks are encouraged, but optional for students in HS-2nd Grades. If you placed an order for a Valverda Mask, it will delivered and given to the student upon arrival of the delivery.
  • Breakfast and lunch will be eaten in the classroom daily.
  • 1st-6th grade students will be seated in desks spaced six feet apart.
  • Each student will have thier own supplies and electronic devices. We will not share with classmates throughout the day.
  • Students will be NOT be allowed to bring a water bottle to school. Water will be available to students throughout the day through disposable cups dispensed by the teacher.
  • Students will go to recess with their "static group". All areas of campus have been designated for recess space.
  • Students will wash hands or use sanitizer every two hours.
  • Any child who gets sick at school will be taken to the Nurse's Office/Quarantine Room until parent pickup. Students will be isolated from others while being supervised in the room.
  • In afternoon carpool, we ask that parents please stay in their car to minimize contact. Your child will be brought to the car. Please do not exit your car to walk to the exit gate at carpool.
  • Following safety procedures at school will be strictly enforced.

Online / Virtual Pathway:

  • Students will participate in instruction from home using Microsoft Teams.
  • Students will have face-to-face availability during the scheduled office hours with the teacher virtually and will also be given videos to watch and assignments to complete. Students will be required to complete assignments daily and attendance will be taken.
  • Students will earn grades and course credits throughout the virtual learning process. The same grading policy as on campus students will be enforced for virtual students. Plan to finding a consistently quiet spot for virtual work/learning. Create a daily class work schedule routine for your child to be successful in the virtual learning program.
  • If a device was requested, you will be contacted on the date/time the device can be picked up.

Please be patient with us the first week of school as we must follow all health & safety guidelines are met as students enter the school from the bus and carpool.

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Open House / Meet the Teacher : Grades Kindergarten-6th Grade

We will be hosting two different days for Open House/Meet the Teacher. To meet the guidelines required by the CDC for Social Distancing, we are asking that parents come at the date and time that matches the first letter of their child's last name. Only one (1) adult is allowed to attend with each student. Masks are required for adults and children ages 8 and older.

  • Parents/Students will be able to meet their teacher, drop off supplies, and visit their new classroom!

  • Virtual students will also be able to come to campus during their scheduled time and meet their virtual teacher and receive information regarding the virtual program and devices.

  • The nurse will also be available to meet with parents on these days. Please bring Doctor's Orders and Medication for the Nurse to complete the student health plan.

Please follow the dates/times below based on your child's grade-level and first letter of their last name!

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Head Start and PreK Start Dates & Orientation (On-Campus & Virtual)

HS and PreK Orientation will occur in small groups on August 20 and 21.

Students will be assigned a group and day in which they can come for orientation.

August 20: Group 1

August 21: Group 2

August 24: ALL HS & PreK Begin School

*HS & PreK students will ride the same bus and will arrive/dismiss at the same time daily*

*More Information to come on Assigned Group Day on August 20 & 21 and the Start/End Time of School for HS & PreK*

Microsoft Office -Email/Teams

Teachers and students will now use OFFICE 365 instead of Google Classroom. Students will access their virtual learning through Microsoft Teams! Please note that the switch will apply to all virtual students to have access to email/teams.

Every student will now have an email address for school use.

To access your new account, visit

The student email address will be (

The student's password will be the student's last name with the first letter capitalized and the last four digits of the student's social security number.

If you have any questions or need technical assistance, please refer to the Technology Hotline below!

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What happens with school if we return to Phase 1?

If the State of Louisiana is placed back into PHASE ONE all students in Pointe Coupee Parish will become virtual learners. This could happen in a day's notice. It would be in your best interest to make backup plans now in case you need to find child care.

We will alert parents using DOJO, Facebook, and our Parent Command Center through a Call-Out/Text Message if this should occur.

Please ensure all contact information is updated with the school for information to be received.

YEAR at a Glance!

See below for the tentative Year at a Glance at Valverda. Please note that events/dates are subject to change.

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