Camp News

March 11, 2016


Reading this Week

Main Text: Exploding Ants

Genre: Expository Texts

Comprehension: Generalize, Predict and Set Purpose

Paired Text: The Art of Mimicry

Genre: Expository Text

Grammar: Possessive Pronouns

Writing: Creating a Fictional Picture Book (This is gonna take a little bit of time) and Animal Mimicry Writing.

Greek and Latin Roots for March 15, 2016

  • cacophony- harsh sounds; bad noise
  • euphonic- having a nice sound; pleasant combination of sounds in words
  • homophone- a word that has the same sound but a different meaning as another word
  • phonology- the study of speech sounds in language
  • megaphone- a large funnel-shaped device used to make the voice sound louder by directing the sound waves straight out to listeners
  • saxophone- a woodwind instrument that send out sounds through its curved, metal body
  • dysphonia- difficulty producing speech sounds, usually due to hoarseness
  • gramophone-a device used to play the sounds of music as written on records
  • phonics- the sounds that letters make and the letters that are used to represent sounds
  • microphone- a device used to make small voices sound larger, especially in a big room
  • Spelling Words for March 18, 2016

    1. sensible
    2. washable
    3. available
    4. agreeable
    5. fashionable
    6. valuable
    7. flexible
    8. reasonable
    9. favorable
    10. breakable
    11. convertible
    12. forgettable
    13. laughable
    14. sociable
    15. allowable
    16. divisible
    17. hospitable
    18. reversible
    19. responsible
    20. tolerable
    21. noticeable
    22. conceivable
    23. disposable
    24. biodegradable
    25. collapsible


    1. cavities
    2. combination
    3. demonstrates
    4. episode
    5. profile
    6. strict


    Subtracting Integers

    Subtracting Integers

    *Remember to stay KOOL*

    K = Keep the first number the same

    O = Opposite- Change the operation to the opposite

    O = Opposite- Change the "value sign" of the 2nd number

    (positive becomes negative)

    (negative becomes positive)

    L = Let's ADD- Add by following the rules for Adding Integers


    A) -6 - (-7) = x

    -6 + 7 = x

    7 - 6 = x

    1 = x

    B) -7 - 4 = x

    -7 + (-4) = x

    -11 = x



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