How do we see Woody ?

Personality Traits


Woody has been a positive toy since day 1. Woody has always been there to help out his pals whenever they are in the need for help. When ever something wrong was about to happen Woody would be the first one to give the positive traits instead of the negative ones and switch all the toys mood back to normal. For example when Andy had his birthday party and all of Andy's friends had bought in gifts for him woody was the one telling his friends that no matter what happens Andy will treat us the same as usual. Yes, sometimes Woody would go over the limit and send out soldiers to check what Andy's friends had bought him but Woody has been there through thick and thin supporting everyone and showing them the better side instead of the dull.


Woody is one sneaky toy. Yes, Woody looks all innocent and caring and kind which he is but he has his moments when he can turn into one little devil. Now we all know Woody has been jealous of Buzz lightyear ever since Andy has gotten him as a gift and Woody's plan was to get rid of him. Woody shows his sneaky skills by 'accidentally' pushing Buzz with the controllable toy car making him fall out of the window and land into the bushes acting like he never saw anything. Woody does feel some sympathy and goes out to help him but who know even the nice guy can be so mean at some times.


Woody has a really good personality but at some moments he can be one of a jealous man. Ever since the 'cool kid' Buzz has joined the gang Woody started to feel replaced by Andy because he felt was Buzz was a better toy, even when Buzz was on andy's bed spot he tried to push him off the bed. Buzz started to show off his flying skills and how he's from space here to save the world but from Woody's face expressions you could tell he wanted him gone. He kept trying to show the other toys that whatever Buzz can do is something normal but obviously the Buzz had captured the other toys attention. Time passed by and Woody started to get use to Buzz and things sort of went back to normal.