EPiC Design Studio 5 Newsletter

November 16-20

Hunger Is Not a Game!

We began our Hunger Project this week. The students are so excited and we can see their empathy growing for this topic each day. Students have participated in several activities to help them understand the difficulty some families are facing to feed their families. One activity involved separating objects that represented meals to make them last a week. They learned that sometimes decisions are hard to make. Students were also given a picture of a holiday meal and asked to find the cost of it for to feed a family of four. What we learned is sometimes the most nutritious meals cost more than less nutritious food. We also looked at some very startling statics about hunger globally all the way down to the local county level.

Students created t-shirt designs and slogans to set up a theme for our project this year. Everyone had great ideas, but we voted for just one (or two very similar ones). Our slogan for this year is "Hunger Is Not a Game!" Congratulations to Sammy T. and Sam P. for the idea.

We will be sending out emails and other information to have parents start helping plan the culminating event soon, so pay attention to your email.

We will continue to research about hunger through November and December while we also helping in the community to help with this problem we are working very hard to understand. We want to be a part of the solution, it is a positive way for everyone to grow.

Upcoming Content Area Learning

Reading/Writing/GUMS//Social Studies - Our study of the Revolutionary War continues. We have highlighted events including Intolerable Acts, Boston Massacre, and Paul Revere's Ride. Students have had the opportunity to learn information through a variety of texts including poetry, plays, and non-fiction articles. All of the readings have helped hone or reading skills from 1st and 2nd quarter. The "mystery" in history is being solved in DS5.

Math - We will continue working on dividing decimals. Please encourage students to practice multiplication skills at home using Reflex and use Front Row. This will help support our work with dividing decimals.

Science - Our Science experiments have been completed and were terrific! Thanks to everyone who bought supplies and came to see the displays the students were proud of all of their hard work. We have begun talking about weather. This week has focused on the water cycle and it's effect on weather and the layers of atmosphere.

Mark Your Calenders!!!

November 20th - Field Trip to Harvester's

November 16th - December 7th Jar Wars (ask your student for details)

November 30th - December 4th - Collect Food for Liberty Christmas Tree Program

December 8th - Field Trip the Heritage Hall

December 10th - Hunger Event, EPiC Elementary 6-8:30 pm (more details to come)