The mythological

A Brief Description of this Mystical Creature

The Unisaur, also known as the Unisaurous Rex, is a beautiful creature only known as a crossbred creature. This freak of nature can be bred by using a male dinosaur and a female unicorn.

January 27, 1728, Finland

Felicity Merriman was in her room, playing games on her brand new iPhone 5 s, when she heard a loud roaring. She looked out her window to find nothing outside. Minutes later she heard a crunching noise. She checked again. She found herself staring at a creature she had never seen, and later found out it was a Unisaur

June 5, 2011, 'Murica

Julie Albright was minding her own business reading a book on her back porch when she heard loud footsteps, and then a crunch. She looked up from her book to find herself looking at a full grown Unisaur. Lucky for her, they don't eat humans. She drew what she saw, as you can see above.
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