Science & Technology ~ Nov. 2019

~ Mrs. Muraca

Computer Lab Information:

Hello All Families,

As many of you know, Science & Technology class is 50 minutes weekly with your child/children. We move from the Computer Lab to the Makerspace every couple of weeks. The weeks we meet in the Makerspace are weeks where we do not use computers. Each child in grades 3-5 have knowledge of their logins for their Google Classroom accounts and their accounts. I strongly recommend practice using these accounts at home using a desktop or laptop computer with a keyboard. If your child has a tablet, I suggest investing in a keyboard compatible to your device for your child to use for typing practice and to complete unfinished work in their Google accounts.

Children in grade 2 have learned how to login to their account, but we have not introduced them to their Google accounts at this time in the school year.

Children in grade 1 have not learned how to login to their accounts at this time, but will after the new year.

I will be sharing the login information with your child's classroom teachers within the next week and I will ask for these logins to be taped to your child's take-home folder for easy sign in.

I, wholeheartedly, understand that screen time should be managed and monitored, but research shows that 10-15 minutes typing practice daily will assist your child now and later in life.

Here are some interesting articles:

Our TES Mrs. Muraca's Hotlist page is:

This page is the start-up page on all of our devices at TES for safer navigation. You can bookmark this page or set it as your child's default page on computers at home. You will also find the TES Library access page in the top right corner with great information and options.

Screen Time Information

Computer Lab Activities

5th Graders completed two activities in their Google Classroom Sci/Tech accounts this month. They created a Google Form Survey to share with some classmates with questions to answer to get to know each other better. They learned how to:

* Create a new form

* Add a title and instructions to a form
* Insert a text question into a form
* Format a text question within a form
* Format a choose-from-list question within a form
* Format a scale question within a form
* Email or share a form to a group (We had to share the link in a Google Doc, then share)

* View results of the form you created within your shared group

The second activity the students worked on was in celebration of Veterans Day. They were asked some questions: What war is Veterans Day associated with? What is the significance of Veterans day being on the 11th day of the 11th month? Is there also another significance to the time? Ask your child to show you his/her work in their personal Google Classroom account. We used the site:

After learning some interesting facts, students were given the task of using to research The Pledge of Allegiance and find out the various versions of it. As a turn in, we practiced typing the current version into a Google Doc and add/insert a patriotic image.

4th Graders have completed their STEM- Engineering project of their Roller Coasters. They have begun a new activity in their Google Classroom Sci/Tech accounts to expose them to the tool of drawing in their Google Doc app. They will be creating drawings of the Moon Phases for the month of May 2011. The link to see current moon phases and information about the cycle of the moon phases is at this site:

3rd Graders have completed their Google Classroom Pictures & Tables activity. Each student used Google Docs word-processing application to create and format a table and insert leaf images.
I can statements after completion:
I can insert a table into a document.
I can format a table.
I can insert and format text within a table.
I can insert an image into a document.
I can change an image's alignment and size.
I can change the background color within a table.

Ask your child to show you his/her finished work. They can review this assignment and create a picture and tables holiday wish list, their favorite superheroes, favorite sports, books etc. I included a Loom video to give them step by step video instructions as well.

2nd Graders have been logging into their accounts using their login cards. Many have memorized their username and passwords. We have discussed the importance of typing and students have been trying their best to use correct hand/finger position for 'home row'. I will include some great typing articles below.

In addition to their practice, 2nd graders have been utilizing the Word Search Creator app to create a word search with 15 of their Fundations Trick words. The students type each word into the template, print one for home, and then use the mouse to find their words online in school to learn to read and spell their words. So far, we have practiced 30 of the 2nd grade Trick Words (words that cannot be phonetically sounded out). This is a fun way to learn.

1st Graders have been navigating through to review and complete Keyboard Zoo to become familiar with where the letter keys are found. Students have also been completing the Story Maker app where they use their computer mouse to draw a picture, then they use the keyboard to type their story. They print their work and then color the illustration. The students love creating and taking their work home. Lastly, they have been using the ABC Slider Puzzle, Dungeon Dash Letters, and AlphaBats Rhyming Words. is free to use on desktop and laptop computers. There is a subscription fee when loading it onto an iPad.

Images of Makerspace November Activities

Students in 1st-5th have been using the Makerspace for Free Choice Exploration with the following activities: Dash/Dot Robots with Go app, Dash/Dot Robots with the Blockly app, Bloxels Game Builder, Snap Circuits, Keva Creation Planks, Card Games, Lego Wall, MakeDo Cardboard Construction, Mini Golf Design/Block area, Make & Take Creation Station, Cursive Writing with Gel Pens, the Cats Cradle String Station and the Take Apart Electronics Station.
Big picture
Big picture

Donations for Makerspace

Thank you to everyone who has donated any of the many supplies to our TES Makerspace! While cleaning out your craft closets or junk drawers, please think of us. We love taking unwanted electronics apart like old phones, clocks, etc. In addition, if you have unwanted stickers, beads, costume jewelry pieces, pins, etc. ... send them our way.

Looking for unwanted knitting needles, yarn, etc... some students in 2nd grade have been learning to knit and are teaching their peers.

Unwanted tools, such as computer take apart tools, old phillips and flathead screwdrivers, wire cutters etc. are also welcome.

Thank you for your support with the TES Makerspace!!!

~Mrs. Muraca

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