The Willemstad Times

(September 1942) By: KatieAnne Goad


A Little boy named Phillip Enwright has been found on the cay called the "Devils Mouth."

Interveiw With Phillip

We found a little blind boy stuck on an island with this man named Timothy. Phillip was alone after Timothy died. Today we are going to take you on an exclusive interview with Phillip.

WT: How was the experience on the Devils Mouth?

Phillip: It was good because I will know how to survive if that ever happens to me again.

WT: Did you like being there?

Phillip: Yes...

WT: Do you miss Timothy?

Phillip: Yes, if it wasn't for him teaching me how to survive, I wouldn't be here right now.

WT: How did you get there?

Phillip: I got there on a raft that I had settled on after the Hato blew up.

WT: How did you keep track of the time?

Phillip: We kept track of time by putting pebles in a jar.

WT: Were did you put Timothy once he died?

Phillip: I dug a hole in the ground.

WT: How did you meet Timothy?

Phillip: I met him on the raft.

WT: How many months were you there?

Phillip: 4 months

WT: Who was Stew Cat?

Phillip: Stew Cat was a loyal cat. He seemed to always be there whenever I need someone around. He was a GREAT cat.

WT: How do you feel being able to see again?

Phillip: I like it. Even though i have to wear these glasses, I still like being able to see what I am hearing.

-Timothy Gumbs

Mr. Gumbs died yesterday on the Cay known as The Devil's Mouth. He died because of old age and because he had to survive being on a cay that had a hurricane. Mr. Gumbs birthdate is unknown, but he is believed to be over 70 years old. He is from the island of Curacao. Survivors are unknown.

Weather- Willemstad Curacao

The Funnies

Job Listings

Army: You can be a army troop.

A schooner captain: You can help deliver stuff on a schooner.

Needed: Strong workers to help build airplanes for the war effort.