December Fulton Finger Challenge

Showcasing the Awesomeness FPS has to offer!

Checking in!

How are you doing? From all the tweets tweeted yesterday, looks like things are going well!

Check out the forms below.

1st form--Add your @handle to the form so FPS folks can all follow each other and further spread the Awesomeness!

2nd form--Let us know if you have a question--someone will answer it!

Want to see what everyone else is saying?

Here is how to search a #hashtag. If you want to see what all the other folks are tweeting to our hashtag, #fpslearn, do the following:

Take a Look at this Storify!

Amy Crane, McIntire, Storified our #fpslearn over the past couple days. Basically, she created a collection of all tweets tweeted to the #hashtag #fpslearn. To see what other people are doing and also find some people to follow, Check it OUT!!!

More FPS folks to follow.....





















Thursday Challenge

1. Tweet to #fpslearn your favorite book and why it's your favorite.

2. Respond to the form above with your @handle!

3. Have some fun with this!

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