TD Committee Update

March 30, 2015

Thank You!

Thank you all for submitting your Power Standards to Michelle.

In this process of talking to different people about the "Power Standards" we (Michelle & I) realized that some of this work has been done for us (imagine that!).

Power Standards

Lea Anne West (our Math Facilitator) has shared the Math Power Standards for grades 3-5 and I have uploaded them to our Google Classroom.

The Literacy Power Standards are in the works...Mrs. Stinson (1st grade teacher) is on the Literacy Scope and Sequence Development Team for CMS. Mrs. Stinson, along with other teachers & facilitators from other schools have been working on creating Power Standards for our learning community for grades K-5. These standards have been divided into cycles, or dates/periods, and will eventually have assessments to go with them.

Currently, they have a rough draft of these standards and they are supposed to be presented to the Literacy Facilitators on April 16th. The team is still working on Common Assessments to accompany these Power Standards. This information is supposed to be presented to teachers this summer during the Read, Write, Inspire Workshop(s).

Next Steps for Us...

We are hosting a Spring Differentiated Educational Plan (DEP) meeting with parents the week of April 27th. This meeting is to update parents on the TD Catalyst program and what they (we) have been doing in the classroom.

By April 17th, upload to Google Classroom or put in Haston's box:
  • sample work (include the rubric used for scoring)
  • upload any pictures/videos of your students working
  • videos/pictures of students explaining/presenting their work

We will talk more about this at our next committee meeting...TBD (probably April 15th)