eBooks at NPHS

Check-out the available resources!

Using Surpass Safari to locate eBooks

The NPHS card catalog--called Safari--leads you to both print and ebook sources available for our school. Go to the NPHS website--nphs.newpal.k12.in.us--Under the heading Academics--choose Media Center--after scrolling choose the first link to Safari.

Several eBook Sources

eBooks can be obtained from a variety of publishers. At this point we have eBooks from 3 publishers.

Main eBook Source--Follett

Main eBook Source--Follett

NPHS students and staff have access to over 2,000 eBooks through Follett Shelf. All of these are single books--used by one user at a time.

To get to the login page--either click on the link under the eBook you wish to check out or view; or go to the NPHS website and under the tab Students--choose eBook shelf.

Login user name for teachers and students is the same as the computer login.
Passwords differ: teachers is abc1 (but may be changed by teachers after they login); for students the password is their 9-digit state ID.

One you have found the book which you wish to view, you notice on the left-hand side choices. Choose Contents; from there can go directly to the area you wish to read. Choose Highlight to select text.

Once you have finished highlighting, choose Book Notes; you are able to view and print all of the information you wanted to remember.

To check out, click on the Backpack; also, go to the Backpack to return the book. The book will automatically 'return' after the 2 week check-out period.

For those not having internet access at home, then may download the 'Offline Reader.' This is located under your name at the top-right-corner.


This is a new source which can be a choice for a variety of materials. At this site we have located a multiple user of The Phantom of the Opera (a request from the English dept). One advantage is the multiple user eBooks available at a reasonable price.

When searching this site from school, you should not be asked for a login. If asked or using from home--leave School name blank; User name--nphs; Password--nphs

If students want to check out, download for offline reading, or use a device, they need to use their computer login information. This is not required for online reading.

Another source for eBooks allows multiple users

The titles from this eBook source can only be accessed through Safari. By clicking on the link --Click to access digital media--you reach the screen below.
User name is newpal
Password is dragons
The titles listed below allow multiple users; the downside is that they can only be used through internet access. If there is a title you wish to have for multiple users--something for your class curriculum--this is a good source.

This is a good way to assign reading/research on a topic and have multiple users in the same book.
The brain and the nervous system
How commodities trading works
How currency devaluation works
How deflation works
The eye
Investigating the global climate
How the gold standard works