Shooting Stars

by: Jack Cronin

The Beginning (quick summary)

LeBron James is one of the most known people in the World, but like everyone else, there is always a beginning. LeBron James started out his life in Akron, Ohio; a small city that has a lot of crime. James started playing basketball at a young age for a local travel team, the Shooting Stars, which is where he traces everything back to when it comes to his basketball career. The Shooting Stars AAU team, coached by Coach Dru. was where he met his best friends and later high school teammates Lil Dru (Coach Dru's son), Sian, and Willie. Coach Dru knew early on that the Shooting Stars, and especially LeBron James, had something special. It was not until high school that the rest of the Nation Figured out what Coach Dru had done many years earlier.
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LeBron James went on to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated and later the First over all pick in the NBA Draft in 2003 to the Cleveland Caviler's

LeBron James Endorsement Acts

LeBron James after entering the NBA became one of the most know names in the United States and later the world. His fame has generated many different ideas and products that are based on him, like the song "Forever" by Drake ft. Kanye West, Eminem, and Lil Wayne. Also, his fame resulted him in an early signing with Sports Clothing line, Nike, and he has created over 12 different pairs of shoes and has his own line of clothing titled "King James".
Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem - Forever

The "Strive For Greatness" Campaign

LeBron James came out with his motto in 2013 called "#StriveForGreatness" which means to always work hard at what ever you do, and always push your self to be the best. This campaign is a result of his late extended contract deal with Nike and has been put on many products of his new Clothing line.
Lebron James hangouts with fans - Strive for Greatness - Nike Commercial 2013

NBA Career

LeBron James is right now considered the best player in the NBA, and also one of the best athletes in the World according to ESPN. LeBron James has been to 5 NBA Finals, one with the Cleveland Cavilers and Four Finals, in a row, with the Miami Heat in which they won two of the Four. He Played the San Antonio Spurs in three out of the five finals, one time with the Cavilers and two times with the Heat, and he only won one time against in 2013. LeBron James won also in 2012 against the Oklahoma City Thunder. LeBron James has been to eleven NBA All Star games, which is everyone,but his first season, since he entered the league. James has won four NBA MVP awards, and also two Olympic Gold Medals. LeBron James is Ranked 21st on the NBA all time scoring leaders with 24,599 career points.