Group 2

Yishun in the past

How did the word Yishun came about ?

The name,Yishun,is a Mandarin romanisation of Nee Soon,named after Lim Nee Soon,a prominent industrialist who made his fortune from rubber and pineapples.

What are the historical stories of Yishun ?

Yishun started the development of HDB flats since 1976,with the first HDB flat was built at Chong Pang.

What were the facilities or amenities available in Yishun between 1950-2000 ?

- Neighbourhoods

- Lower Seletar Reservoir on the Seletar River was opened in 1986

- Yishun Bus Interchange was opened in 1987

- Yishun Swimming Complex was opened in 1988

- Yishun MRT Station was opened in 1989

- The only shopping centre in Yishun is Northpoint Shopping Centre was opened in 1992.

- Chong pang was opened in 1993.

- Orchid Country Club was opened in 1993

-Yishun Polyclinic was opened in 1998

-Yishun Public Library was opened in 1998

Yishun in the present

Are there enough amenities and facilities within Yishun Ring Road Neighborhood ?

Yes, there are plenty of amenities and facilities such as: playgrounds, coffee shops, convenient shops, shops, stalls, gathering and resting areas, public toilets, community centres, Safra, NorthPoint, Golden Village.

Is there a sense of belonging within Yishun Ring Road Neighborhood?

Yes, especially the coffee shops which buzzes with life and neighbors and friends chatting, people like being in Yishun.

What are some places in the neighourhood special to its residents?

The places which are special to its residents are: recreational clubs, coffee shops, community centres, shopping centres, convenient shops, shops around the neighbourhood, Chong Pang, Yishun Stadium, MRT stations, Orchid Country Club.

Yishun In the Future

What do you want to see in the Future?

- Nightclubs

- More Playgrounds

- More Houses

- More Shops

- Better Transportation

- Community Centre